How does the White agaric : features

How does the White agaric : features
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# 1

Many people have the opportunity to visit the forests of the places,inhabited.There they are, as a rule, collect berries, medicinal plants and mushrooms.The latter are the most attractive prey to most forest walks lovers.But not to score in the basket of poisonous and therefore harmful fungi, should orient their grades, as well as the method of determining suitable for human consumption.The first rule of mushroom says that you need to pay attention to the appearance of the fungus.It must be full in shape, with thick legs and thick hat.The second - indicates the need to consider it more closely.For this Mushroom cut off neatly and flipped.If the cut appears a lot of juice, it is an indication of its inedible.

# 2

third rule prescribes to try a small piece of mushroom to ensure its safety for the human body.For this, he is cut off and made our way to the taste.If there is no burning sensatio

n or tingling and mushroom taste pretty good, so it can be sent to the basket.Otherwise, it should be left in the forest, because it is simply not suitable for its use in food.The most valuable of all types of mushrooms are white mushrooms, which are harvested in the winter, many Russians and even some industries are marinated for sale in the country of their stores.This type of fungus is most common in the woods, where a lot of birches.However, and in forests with a predominance of a different type of trees they can also occur.

# 3

to navigate, looks like white milk mushroom should remember that his hat like a shallow funnel, which is attached to the thick stalk.The lower edge of his cap slightly rounded.Its flesh is very thick, and even after thermal treatment maintains its structure, which is why when chewing it in salted felt crunching.Fresh milk mushroom produces a specific odor, which is familiar to an experienced mushroom pickers.Some varieties of white milk mushrooms isolated white juice, which is quite a burning, if it a try, but after a while it becomes yellow or brown color.This type of mushroom is best avoided, so as not to get poisoned when eating.Although fans collect these mushrooms, then cook them for a long time and then marinated for a special recipe.

# 4

in coniferous forests, especially in the highlands, mushrooms find quite simply, they are raised above the soft soil, and if it is clean up, it is possible to find a rather large agaric, greyish with a very pleasant smell and incredibly delicious.If it does not emit any cutting of juice.It can be boiled, using as a component of a tasty soup.Or fry in a pan with onions, garlic and sour cream.Many marinated mushrooms in the winter, creating a really excellent appetizer to the main dishes.In the forests of Europe, mushrooms are the same shape of the cap, resembling a funnel, and a tight leg.They usually grayish color.In Russia this type of fungi called podgruzdkami.To cut this Mushroom not release any juice.It's pretty dry, and when it is processed becomes soft and not as crisp as real white agaric.

# 5

It is also their way, looks like milk mushroom, is false.It has a funnel-shaped hat a creamy white color.At the turn, he selects a rich juice that makes it inedible without special treatment.However, gourmet craftsmen manage and process it so that it eat without harm to their health.But those who are not familiar with this type of mushroom, it is best to choose those that are most suitable for their use in food.The rules determine their edibility described in the first two paragraphs of this publication.Before you dare to look for white milk mushrooms in the forest undergrowth, you must know that this type of mushroom is considered edible conditional only on the territory of the Russian Federation.And beyond the mushrooms with burning juice are considered poisonous, and in any case, do not eat.

# 6

eventually become yellowish white mushrooms, and when they are no longer suitable for the collection, their hats appear rusty spots.If they collect, even after prolonged soaking bitter taste is retained therein.The lower part of the white hats Gruzdev, usually plate.It is a white or cream color.Since the cap Gruzdev reaches twenty centimeters in diameter, and the leg can be about five centimeters thick.Usually it is a white, sometimes interspersed with yellow.Mushrooms in this class grow several pieces.And if you managed to notice at the edge of the clearing, or one of them, you can be sure that grows close to twenty mushrooms of the same species.Places where they typically occur - it is well illuminated by the sun, so skip the white mushrooms is practically impossible.