How quickly bring alcohol from the body ?

How quickly bring alcohol from the body ?
You will need:
  • Brine
  • Activated carbon
  • Honey Milk
  • Chicken broth
  • Jogging
# 1

Sometimes, festive meal ends with a painful hangover.To get rid of the discomfort, you need to clear your body of alcohol and its decomposition products.How can I do this effectively?Of course, the most valid way to bring alcohol from the blood - an appeal to official medicine.But it is recommended to resort to call the brigade "first aid" only in an emergency, if there is severe intoxication.In other cases, assistance will have proven home remedies, proven by many generations.Thus, one of the surest ways alcohol removal is the activated carbon that can absorb and neutralize toxins.It is recommended to take 5 - 6 tablets.

# 2

In the state shown hangover drink plenty of fluids.Water, green or black tea - perfectly cope with the task and quickly wash away toxins.However, to get involved in the tea at this time it is not necessary for people with cardiovascular disease.Many caffeine in flavored beverage

can dramatically increase blood pressure, which in combination with a hangover can significantly worsen the condition of the person.Best neutralize toxins milk.This is the surest way to quickly bring alcohol.If every hour to drink a glass of milk, it is possible in a short time to recover their strength and significantly improve the condition of forgetting about alcohol intoxication.With each glass of milk, you can eat a clove of garlic.

# 3

alcohol withdrawal is recommended and with the help of honey.Naturally, in the absence of an allergic reaction to the product.Since honey is a diuretic, it perfectly cleanses the body of toxic substances.Enough to drink at intervals of half an hour with a glass of water dissolved in the amount of honey tablespoon.Tested and even the traditional way to bring alcohol, brine sauerkraut.However, it is quite possible to replace the cucumber or tomato.Take the circle every hour until the apparent improvement.The house has no pickle?No problem!You can improve the health of chicken broth, to which should be added a pinch of cumin and cinnamon.It is recommended to receive a momentary 1/2 liters.

# 4

pharmaceutical industry offers products, the effect of which is directed precisely on the body cleaning after a fun-filled feast.The best known among the people "Antipolitsay" pills.In fact, no drug is an antidote.In its composition contains some components that reduce headache, and vitamin complex.From hangover this medication does not eliminate, just improves the overall condition of the person.Therefore, a hangover - a rare case where pharmaceutical drugs lose folk medicine, recommending how quickly to withdraw alcohol from the blood.But, you can buy pills succinic acid, neutralizing the product of decomposition of alcohol - acetaldehyde.Use the tablets should be 2 - 3 times during the day, taking 2 - 3 pieces.

# 5

shown drink juice of citrus fruits, which contain large amounts of vitamin C for a healthy person can become a real salvation intense jogging, causing excessive sweating.Together with the sweat of his body leaving toxic substances.Complete workout can visit Russian steam bath or Finnish sauna.If health does not allow the risk is enough to make a leisurely, but a long walk in the fresh air, and then a half-hour soak in a warm relaxing bath.It helps to get rid of the alcohol consumption of tomato juice and raw eggs, not carbonated mineral water.For many people, the best cure for alcohol poisoning is a deep sleep.

# 6

Old and proven method of how to get the alcohol out of the body - cleansing the stomach.However, the procedure is effective, provided that the alcohol has not had time to be absorbed into the bloodstream or at the first signs of intoxication.It is necessary to cause abundant vomiting.If for any reason you can not do it yourself, it is advisable to resort to a gastric lavage.In the three-liter jar of warm water add a little potassium permanganate.The liquid should buy a light pink color.You need to drink until the stomach is completely cleared.Only then, the activated carbon should be taken based on the 1st tablet per 10 kg weight of human suffering alcohol hangover.We should not forget that toxic substances are neutralized by the liver and kidneys.

# 7

That is why some of the ways alcohol withdrawal should not be used in the presence of diseases.It is known, for example, that in renal failure is strictly forbidden to drink plenty of fluids, drugs and foods that have a diuretic effect.Liver disease by themselves are reason enough to abandon the abundant libations.In the absence of these contraindications can be removed with the help of a hangover with herbal diuretic effect, for example, prepare a decoction of bearberry.However, in this case, do not neglect the contraindications, as well as individual plants intolerant.But still, it's easier not to bring the fun to a hangover and practicing moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages.