How to decorate the children's table in birthday?

How to decorate the children
You will need:
  • Fruits
  • Paper Napkins
  • Small toys
# 1

Birthday - a favorite holiday of each child.Of course, my child that day waiting for something unusual that would be remembered for a long time and have been the subject of conversation with their peers for a year.For a child of any age will be a huge surprise if the holiday table will be decorated in its class.Of course, there are many ways to decorate a table for children's birthday, and now will be considered the most simple, but original and cheap options.So one of the easiest ways - decorate the holiday table fruit.How to do it?If pressed for time, you can simply wash them carefully and nicely spread out on plates.

# 2

But if time enough, you can cut the fruit figures - for example, stars, apple, banana or pear pyramid flakes.If you have experience of this "procedure" will take 20-30 minutes - and pretty tasty decoration is ready, and if you do not have experience, you need patience.You can also cut the fruit in half, cut t

he flesh, crush and "change" their flesh.To give a colorful festive table, you can buy a large bright napkins and turn them into beautiful origami, spread them on the table.Kids will like them, and then you can give them to guests as a souvenir with a beautiful celebration.

# 3

From simple or solid colored paper, you can also make bulk or small animals and men to place on the table as "security guards" treats.If you have the finances to decorate the table, you can order a pastry sugar heroes of the beloved children's cartoon.Look like "statues" are like real doll, however, covered with confectionery icing will be very pleasant to the taste.You can make a delicious and the very cute little faces - for example, sandwiches, little animals, - making eyes, noses and mouths of greens and olives.For dessert, you can bake a cake of cakes in the shape of a heart or a cube.All this - the delicious festive decorations children's table.

# 4

If cooking delicious dishes and beautiful little time, you can decorate the table "alleys" of small toys, bouquets of colorful flowers or jewelry.However, it should be remembered, and about the safety!Do not allow too small ornaments that the child accidentally took into his mouth and swallowed.Feeding drinks, can be pasted on the glasses funny colorful stickers, and insert drink itself umbrellas for cocktails and colored straws (tubes).Festive candles - also a field for creativity.Of course, today you can buy ready-made wax products of different shapes sizes and colors, but if there are none, from a simple candle can be cut Christmas tree, sapling or fungus (here should give free rein to imagination) and paint pens or gouache.

# 5

addition to the table is very important festive atmosphere in general, in fact it will make a holiday unforgettable.In this case, the aid will come bright pillows on chairs, colorful tablecloths and, of course, colored balls, "stuck" to the ceiling above the table.How to decorate a table for children's birthday - the question is not an easy task.The main thing that decorations were both brighter and more beautiful as possible, and edible decorations - delicious!Then the baby will often be happy to remember the last birthday and ask their parents to do the same holiday next time!