How do Weapon: manufacturing of cold weapons

How do Weapon: manufacturing of cold weapons
You will need:
  • Additional knowledge
  • special permit
  • clear mind
  • absence of medical contraindications
# 1

many interests gun people do not know how to make a weapon.According to the law, it is considered a cold weapon that operates by means of muscle force in the contact person with the striker face.This can be an awl, knife, bow and even brass knuckles.Around the world, spread out production of weapons and firearms.Unfortunately, a lot of weapons produced in the cellars, which may not be very good for someone who gets that.But vsyo did most of the weapons produced in specialized factories under the guidance of professionals.At factories edged weapons are manufactured by special technology in accordance with the purpose of weapons.There are three types of cold weapons on purpose: military weapons (baton, kubotan, tonfa), hunting (a dagger, a spear, a machete) and sports (sword, rapier, sword).Businesses are always ready to answer for the quality of their weapons.

# 2

Novice hunters and collectors closely suited to the question how to buy weapons.If the decision is that the purchase of weapons is needed, already taken, should not immediately rush to the pro shop.For a start, you should carefully examine the Federal Law "On Weapons", and understand all its aspects.Then, when the theory is mastered, it is time to move on to the practice.It is necessary to issue a license for the purchase of weapons.To do this: Go neuropsychiatric examination, as well as get information about what alcohol and drug dependence are not available.Complete physical examination.Buy safe storage of weapons.Pay at the bank fee for issuing a license.Come to the police station by place of residence, fill out a form and have an interview with the district police officer.After all the steps can only pick up the license and proceed to the selection of a suitable weapon.To help in this difficult matter may sellers - professionals in specialized stores.

# 3

People who want to buy a gun for self-defense, looking for information on how to obtain a traumatic weapons.With traumatic weapon much easier to handle than a battle.Traumatic weapons can be subdivided into two groups.The first is the fire, gas, hunting and pneumatic weapon.The second - stun and low-powered air guns.To buy weapons from the first group requires a special license.To obtain a license you need to follow the same procedures as are necessary to purchase any weapons.The license is valid for five years, after the expiry of the license, it should be extended by repeating the same procedures as for the first issue of a license for the purchase and storage of traumatic weapons.

# 4

Some do not want to spend time and money to buy weapons in the shop, so - they know how to make their own weapons.Many are interested in this issue.And therefore, a lot of book publications that illustrate all the stages of assembling improvised weapons.Some earn their living by producing guns, knives and daggers alone.But even in ancient times the most popular home-made weapon was the bow.Make it simple.Enough to make the wood.Done in her groove for the string, the string also can be made from scrap materials.Together with the workpiece for a bow, you can make and arrow with feathers.Simple bow ready.But we should not forget that to deal with it should be carefully, because this is the real cold steel.