How to go to Odessa for permanent residence ?

How to go to Odessa for permanent residence ?
You will need:
  • passport
  • Statement
# 1

Ukraine - a young country, which attracts many foreigners.Despite the current unstable economic and political situation, foreigners can find work, get an education, and the price level is roughly the same as in neighboring European countries.Many people think about how to go to Odessa for permanent residence.This is quite surprising, because the Odessa - a beautiful city with a million people and infrastructure.

# 2

permanent registration procedure does not differ from other European countries in Ukraine.Foreigners will withdraw their civil passports at the border indicated that they arrived in the country for permanent residence.Then, of course bureaucratic system make intercede.In Odessa, will need to decide to move the issues to issue a residence permit, and then immediately get a passport.Many are thinking about how to rent an apartment in Odessa, after moving to the city to relocate.

# 3

As already noted, Odessa - a great city.industry

, services, and especially the tourist complex, due to the cultural and historical heritage and geographical location, but because the price of rental housing is much higher than in other cities, for example, in the Ivano-Frankivsk, Poltava, Cherkasy and developed here.Find accommodation possible for private ads or through real estate agencies.If you rent an apartment in the non-durable period, the inhabitants of Odessa will be a foreigner for the tourist, and often the cost of the apartment is calculated not on the area and number of people.

# 4

Many people wonder how to live in Odessa had moved to Ukraine for permanent residence.Unlike other countries, foreigners with professional education can get a job not worse than the average Ukrainian.On the territory of the country are mostly private organizations.The average salary is 2500 - 3000 UAH./ Month.Work better search through the internet.Some wonder how to relax in Odessa before to relocate.This is quite a reasonable solution, as a non-resident can get acquainted with the city and customs.

# 5

Even on the road to Odessa, a foreigner can meet native from Odessa, who until the end of the trip will tell a lot of stories to tell, and a huge number of hilarious anecdotes.By carrying out the move, the foreigner will be useful to know how to find a person in Odessa.The most common and effective way to find modern know - it's a social network, even if the contacts were lost.After moving to permanent residence in Odessa, a foreigner very quickly begin to perceive the city as a native.