How to dispose of fire extinguishers ?

How to dispose of fire extinguishers ?
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# 1

every motorist should know all about fire extinguishers and their operation and use.In an emergency situation, due to a fault automotive wiring harness may receive a spark, which will be the source of an open flame.At such times, delay and slow response will lead to sad consequences.Most importantly, it is necessary that at hand proved working fire extinguisher.And knowing the answer to the question: "How to dispose of fire extinguishers?"- Will help in time to buy a new device, and a work that will save lives.In addition to the timely recovery, you need to know that the product can be recharged several times.

# 2

carry out an extraordinary need to recharge immediately after application equipment, at this time it is recommended to have one spare fire extinguisher.Powder and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are maintenance, respectively, once a year and once every five years, at the same time produced and recharge.If a driver has decided to

dispose of the device, it is worth thinking about how to fill the fire extinguisher may be, it will still for some time.After operation of the fire fighting equipment is more than one month.

# 3

Recycling and recharging performed at specialized stations that have a license for this type of work.It must be remembered that the five per cent reduction in carbon dioxide fire extinguisher charge mass identified in the annual self-test, a cause for his immediate recharging station.While the devices are not disposed of and are working to know about how to keep records of fire extinguishers.

# 4

This procedure should be carried out, both in enterprises and privately owned.It all depends, of course, from the host, but, nevertheless, to have a similar draft records, where you can enter passport information acquired extinguisher.This will help to know and remember the exact date of the next check extinguisher, recharge it or disposal.Remembering how to dispose of chemical, we must remember that purchasing fire fighting equipment for the iron horse, the question immediately arises: how to fix a fire extinguisher in the trunk.At that professionals will tell you that this is not the best place for fire fighting equipment.

# 5

Because when there is a need for its use, the key is to look at a bunch or button on the key fob, a waste of time.But, nevertheless, Russian craftsmen survive as they can.Someone gets liter fire extinguisher, which can be placed in the pocket of the boot.Someone is reserved a special bracket and secures it a fire extinguisher in the car.Fire safety car is the direct concern of the vehicle owner.As to the question how often recharge fire extinguishers, the fire operation rules Code states that the equipment at the end of the official period of operation specified in the passport by the manufacturer may be extended.

# 6

When the prerequisite for carrying out maintenance.The formal reason for the write-off is - the impossibility to repair this or that detail of the inventory, as well as its actual theft, confirmed by documents from the police.The very same cooldown as recycling is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, which are specified in the device data sheet.