How to start a mechanical automatic watch ?

How to start a mechanical automatic watch ?
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# 1

clock - an ancient attribute of human life.During its history of development they have undergone many changes: from water, sun and sand - to the high-precision electronic, bulky designs - to miniature products.In order to properly use this achievement of human thought, it is necessary, at least to a small extent, represent the general principles of clockwork.Modern watches, in all their diversity, have the same basic elements.The first - a source of energy that drives the whole mechanism.In a mechanical watch is may be weights or clockwork spring, accumulating energy.The electron in this role acts as the power source (battery or adapter).

# 2

second - the control unit that is responsible for creating the desired oscillation frequency.These fluctuations must be converted into quantities that are understandable to the human perception.To do this, there is a third element o'clock - counter.Finally, the display uni

t, particularly showing the current time.This function is performed by the arrows or the digital indicator.Speech in this article is a question of a mechanical watch, so - more on their device.The motor, the kinetic energy source, a wound spring acts.Effort from it is transmitted to the regulator (balance weight) and the entire clock mechanism, consisting of the entire system of gears - gears.In turn, they transmit a rotary motion arrows hours.

# 3

number of teeth on the gear is designed in such a way that the second hand moves 60 times faster than a minute, and that, accordingly, has an angular velocity of 60 times greater than those of clockwise.Full turn clockwise, as a rule, equal to 12 hours - half of the daily turnover of the Earth around the sun.And yet, how to have a mechanical clock, to set in motion the whole complex mechanism?If the watch has a weight-lifting drive, just need to pull the chain with a load.For plant spring mechanisms are special keys or head derived outside of the watch case.The rotational movement through the gear system are transmitted to the spring axis, producing its plant.

# 4

scheme, seemingly simple, and requires no innovations.However, technological progress does not stand still, and was coined by a mechanism that frees a person from the "heavy burden" regular factory hours.It would be a mistake to assume that this is a recent invention.The first hours, had self-winding, were created back in the XVIII century in the famous workshop of the Breguet watch, and got the name "Rerpetuelle".It was a pocket model, produced the piece.The first automatic watch in the wrist variant were created in the first half of the last century, and their serial release has been adjusted only in the fifties.Since they are constantly present in the sale, and, thanks to a number of benefits earned wide popularity.

# 5

What makes self-winding watch?In them there is a special separate mechanism to convert the vibrational motion of the human hand in a regular spring winding.This is achieved due to the presence of a massive flywheel.It is made eccentric scheme and is a metal sector.As a rule, it consists of light and heavy plate semi-rings - the cargo shifted to the edge of the watch case.The diameter of the flywheel are trying to do the maximum.Any movement of the human hand is converted into rotary motion of the eccentric axis, for transmitting the spring force and, thus, its winding.Of course, protection is provided, which provides sliding mechanism when fully wound up spring.

# 6

How to start a mechanical automatic watch?The question is relevant only in the event that for a long time did not use the clock, and the plant had to end spring.With regular watch is worn on the hand they will not need winding.If, however, from a long standstill, they still stopped, then they can make the usual crown as usual "mechanics".There is a widespread belief that it will be enough simply to shake like a watch factory.This is not quite true.Manufacturers guarantee hours of full spring plant provided an eight continuous wear on his arm.However, this is largely depends on the motor activity of man.People moving coil is wound almost constantly.

# 7

What is the advantage of such a chronometer?This is - a godsend for people forgetful, not always regularly Exciting their watches.A second important advantage - the spring is almost always in a compressed state, which significantly improves the accuracy of the timing.Further, there is no need to use often increases crown water- and dust-proof mechanism.Of course, there are also disadvantages.This - the excessive complexity of the design and, consequently, increasing the probability of failure.The mechanism of these watches is much more difficult to fit in a thin sleek body.As a rule, they are more massive than usual.One more thing.These clocks are useless attribute, and a waste of money for people with a passive, sedentary lifestyle.