How to call an ambulance in Moscow with a mobile phone ?

How to call an ambulance in Moscow with a mobile phone ?
You will need:
  • Cell Phone
  • ambulance
  • phone numbers
  • Manager
# 1

In every person's life there are times when someone from the family,friends and other people just need urgent medical attention.Once in a situation where at times the rapidity of this assistance depends on a person's life, a loss is forgotten phone number call ambulance.It is not always possible to call an ambulance on landline phone, dialed known to all and valid for the whole of Russia, number 03. Arise emergencies may, where there are no phones.Come to the aid cell mobile phone and therefore it is important to know what number you need to call for help physicians.Moscow in such situations is not an exception.It is a city with a number of multi-million population, one of the largest in its territory.

# 2

of mobile phone use almost the entire adult population, and therefore each must make sure that the phone's memory has been recorded emergency call depending on what the operator maintains this connection.How to call

an ambulance in Moscow, they know everything.To do this with a regular phone number is dialed 03, and if the mobile - for all the well-known number 911, through which the emergency call is provided.All districts and districts of Moscow have ambulance stations, which have their own phone numbers.Call on them and can be a cell phone, and dial made both the HSE.If you have problems call the station emergency, you should call from your cell phone to the number 112 and then dial the number 3. This number Single Center for treatment of citizens in the event of an emergency.

# 3

Center operator on duty will contact with medical services.A call from a mobile phone to this number free.It can be done, even when there is no money on the phone, SIM card lock, and even its absence.Calling an ambulance, you need to properly explain to the dispatcher where the injured or sick person, that is. E. The Moscow area, street name, a number of houses, apartments, intercom code.Responding to the dispatcher issues should be as accurate as possible and to quickly respond to them:.. Call the personal data of the victim or patient age, sex, symptoms, injuries, their causes, etc. This information will help the controller determine which team medical ambulanceand what machine to send subscribers know how to call an ambulance in Moscow mobile.

# 4

When the ambulance station received phone calls about the challenges and the provision of emergency medical care, all negotiations with the dispatcher are recorded.Since the registration of the call and until the arrival of ambulances at the stated address, the average should be spent not more than 30 minutes.The speed depends on the arrival of the brigade traffic jams on the road, remoteness of residence or location affected by the SMP station.If more than half an hour, and no emergency, you should call the dispatcher again mobile and clarify when it will arrive.When night made a call about the incident an accident away from the road, or the deterioration of the patient's health living in the private sector of Moscow, it is desirable to meet the medical car on the street near his home so that he could help fast.

# 5

through its support cellular operators are always prompt their subscribers as an ambulance with Beeline mobile phone.To directly with cellular mobile phone Beeline to do, you need to dial the call ambulance car number 003. This number is valid not only in Moscow but throughout Russia.He is considered the all-Russian.The call is free.If you can not call from your mobile phone to the ambulance on the number available, you can make a request to the challenge to provide private medical emergency.The rooms of private services can be found in the manual or on the Internet.Help will arrive quickly enough, but the service in the private services all paid and expensive.Therefore, not all the people to seek such services.

# 6

Those subscribers who are connected to other cellular, also know kakvyzvat ambulance Megafon mobile phone.If the mobile is connected to a network Megafon, the phone number of the emergency - is 030. In addition, for the residents of Moscow have another option kit with a mobile phone.To do this, you need to dial the next number - 7 495 030, and then press the call button.According to the requirements for the telephone, the telephone number dialed in the existing system of Beeline, Megafon, MTS and others, should consist of three or more digits.Therefore all emergency services, including ambulance and phone number consists of three digits - 003 (Beeline) and 030 (Megafon).These rooms emergency call phones are easy to remember, but it is important in emergency situations in time to use them.