Ring with an emerald : value mascot

Ring with an emerald : value mascot
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# 1

Archaeologists believe that the production of jewelry - the engine of ancestral crafts.Mankind writes his story, and then the chronology of articles of precious metals.Gone era, today the people of the culture is determined by the fact, which charms and jewelry found in tombs of ancient people.For example, a ring of gold with emeralds were talismans of the ancient Egyptians.They revered jewelry, every precious decoration made sense and character.Gold ring with emerald - a sign of wisdom.

# 2

For those matters on which finger wearing a ring - mascot and how to wear it, to really be protected from negative.It is known that the ring on the thumb produces nature, wishes to draw attention to himself.The index finger ring decorated, says imperious dictator.On average bear mascot people who consider themselves irresistible.Married people decorate a wedding ring ring.Pinkie decorations are creative people.That means that the rings on his fingers.

# 3

Men and women wear rings in most cases, without regard for the question of whether the human type corresponds to the selected stone in the decoration, it will bring benefit or harm to its owner?It is best to buy new jewels in the jewelry store.Emerald good for protection of love and fidelity.Ruby - a bright representative of wealth and power, sorcerers stone helps high blood pressure.Suppose a man put a finger on the talisman with emerald, which means the ring in this case?For women - this is a sign that there will be peace and understanding in her family.

# 4

If decoration to put on the middle finger of his right hand, it will be the welfare and support of the forces of nature.And yet - it is incredibly beautiful, precious stone set in gold will become a symbol of marital happiness.For men emerald ring will give wisdom, balance acts, protection, protection.It should be borne equally important characteristics, such as the types of rings.If the jewelry offered on standard or wedding anniversary, it must be refined.In this case, choose a ring with loose stones, which means conjugal love and fidelity.

# 5

Popular rings, charms, birthstone.You should have a stone that meets one of the twelve horoscope symbols.Among the varieties of engagement rings, without beginning or end of a monolithic precious metal and boundless sense of meaning.This type of decoration, such as a ring with a ruby ​​men buy off people in order to emphasize the taste and commitment to the class.Often jewelry is hereditary, passed on from generation to generation.They are many times superior in strength acquired a new ring.Over time, it becomes magical ruby ​​stone and begins to fulfill all the desires of the owner.