How to tie a scarf to be warm ?

How to tie a scarf to be warm ?
You will need:
  • Selection handkerchief
  • autumn-winter version
  • decorative pins, brooch and mirror
  • belt, belt
  • Bright makeup
  • Accounting weather
# 1

scarf - a "otrez" tissue, usually square in shape.It is made of a thin fabric and a dense.Therefore, such a thing can be worn both in the warm and the cool (freezing) weather.Again, the whole image of the woman will depend on exactly how it will tie a scarf, as well as the chosen color of the accessory.To start a handkerchief should choose to dress up together.If the clothes are sewn from soft, light and airy fabrics, accordingly, the same should be our cover.If the clothing fabric in composition "heavy" and dense character, and a handkerchief to be in the likeness.handkerchief colors should also be properly and harmoniously matched to the outfit.

# 2

It should be remembered that the headscarf is not only an element of beauty, but it is also used as insulation, so it is in this case used handkerchiefs, which include wool or angora.So,

there are so many great ways to tie a scarf, so it was warm.Each one is unique in its own way, because with them the image becomes unique.As mentioned above, the scarf has a square shape, so it can be made from any desired shapes (triangle, square), which are necessary for the "tying" the handkerchief.The autumn-winter version.For this method, you need to take a handkerchief and fold it diagonally to get an isosceles triangle.

# 3

Mistress should be in front, available in the flat mirror, and take the scarf in two equal sides, its base should be located closer to the face, and the need to collect a little cloth.The corners of the handkerchief should tie behind the neck, so much so that the existing pattern on the scarf looked nice and the young lady was "free" and easy to breathe.After that you need to carefully transfer the little corners handkerchief forward;and tie them under the central part of the handkerchief.Also, the front corners of the shawl can be connected using a decorative pin or brooch.Using this method, the wind does not "displace" a scarf, and a woman (girl) will be warm.If a lady is in the room, she can not tie the corners of the handkerchief and gently spread them under its center.

# 4

in autumn or spring weather, you can use the method of "Hood".This method will protect both the ears and neck from the wind.If you use a warm scarf, this method is also suitable in the cold winter weather.So, from the square to fold a handkerchief triangle, this should bend it diagonally.Scarf as received jumped on his head, his base must be closer to the frontal region, and two identical angle must "look" into the floor.Mistress is necessary to take the two ends of the handkerchief and crossed them at the neck in front, and then they are thrown back and tied a neat knot from the back.This method of tying a handkerchief suitable to almost any outerwear.

# 5

Option "Golden Ring", this method also protects against wind and cold.For this shawl folded diagonally to get a "scarf", which need to throw at his head, and the angles of headscarves should "look" down.Mistress should cross the corners of the handkerchief in front, throw them back and tied in a knot.Then shawl thrown off from the head, front to back flips.That part of the handkerchief, which was dropped from the head, need to carefully bend.If necessary, you need to tighten the handkerchief.There are cases when the room is cool and warm sweaters (sweater) is not at hand.But if suddenly somewhere soiled handkerchief, you can use it.And then the question immediately arises, how to tie a scarf in a case that while the hands were free, and the woman did not lose its excellent appearance.

# 6

So headscarf should also lay down triangle, then it should throw on the shoulders from behind.Identical angles handkerchief tucked under the belt (belt).In this case, care must be taken to ensure that the ends of sinking under the belts were the same length.If there is no belt, and available another handkerchief, then it is possible to make the belt.To do this, fold the cover of the square box;followed by spin it into a bundle, which is attached first scarf.That it was warm, and hands-free, you need to fold the scarf into a triangle.Then it should be draped over the shoulders.The ends of the handkerchief back stretch at hand;after which it should consolidate a strong knot.This method of fixing a headscarf called "Acapulco".

# 7

wore a scarf on the head, you can also use the method "Convertible", some benefits such variant described as "Solitaire - a nun."In this case, the frontal area should be closed.This requires the cover of at least 90 by 90 centimeters.Mistress must be added to the existing headscarf kerchief, which jumped on his head.The front should be placed above the forehead fold scarves.Its corners, crossed in front, and stretch to the back, where they should tie into a knot.But of course, this method of tying a handkerchief is not for everyone, especially the girls who have a round face shape.When using the "Kerchieves - nun" clearly desirable to sum up his eyes and eyebrows, appeared to delight in the female image.

# 8

All the methods described how to tie scarves are good in their own way.But, of course, should always take into account the time of year.If it is early spring or early autumn, the scarves used "light" materials.If it is winter or late autumn, you can definitely use scarves and angora wool.All these methods are not only protect women from the cold, but also beautify its image.