Professionals reveal cards: how to sell pianos

Professionals reveal cards: how to sell pianos
You will need:
  • familiar Carrier
  • customizer
  • appraiser
# 1

Young families tend to live in very cramped conditions.And if in the already small apartment there is also a garniturnaja-music application in the form of an old piano, it makes sense to think about how to sell it.Pluses implementation of such a decision just two: firstly, available quite a significant place for the cabinet or cool acoustic music system, and secondly, the family budget replenished fairly decent amount of money.

# 2

If the owner of the instrument seriously engaged in the question of how to sell a piano, you should know a few factors that will help to get rid of old tools to quickly and profitably.Typically, an appropriate proposal to the secondary market of any city significantly exceeds demand.Therefore, timely and profitable sale is possible only if the feed Private ads will mean the real value.

# 3

Do not even think about how to adjust the piano alone, in most cases - the enterprise, certainly doomed

to failure, you need a specialist.It is also worth thinking about the pre-sale preparation, especially if a specialist will issue a corresponding certificate.It is necessary to proceed from the fact that the real value of all types of instruments are the piano, with the name "Belarus", "Elegy" and "Red October", as well as the production of products of Czechoslovakia and Germany.

# 4

On the web page has a thoroughly competent instruction on how to play the piano online, this is, in fact, not difficult, the main thing - to perform all the instructions such instructions correctly.By getting rid of the old instrument, sadly standing in the corner, can more than offset the absence of using a computer.Used piano is currently estimated at 3 to 5 thousand, depending on the condition of the tool.

# 5

Before selling a keyboard instrument, good to clarify the question of how to move the piano, otherwise only one transport will rise in the price of all purchases.Not bad, if you have a friend who drives a truck, it will reduce the price the amount of traffic.After that you can start putting up ads in a house where the piano for sale.If the buyers did not respond, it is possible to move to the neighborhood scale.Only if, in this case did not work, it is necessary to submit personal ads in the newspaper.

# 6

Once the sale took place, we can make plans on how to play on a virtual piano.But until that happens, a good idea to look for potential buyers of the instrument in the children's music school.There is a reason to go to the hostel for nonresident students.This is exactly the audience that is more likely to buy an old piano.The only thing in this case is necessary to understand: money from the students a bit, and if you turn up the price, then you can go without a client.Following simple rules indicated above, it is possible to guarantee a high confidence to begin to prepare to sell a piano.