How to conduct a parent meeting in the kindergarten ?

How to conduct a parent meeting in the kindergarten ?
You will need:
  • Program parent meetings
  • thematic questionnaire to parents
  • list of organizational issues
# 1

Parent meetings (thematic and planning) are the main form of interaction between the parentsand a group of kindergarten teachers.Their purpose - the harmonization and coordination of the collective efforts of the preschool and family members, aimed at creating optimal conditions for the development and education of personal qualities of the child.As a rule, carried out the order of 4-5 formal meetings during each school year.In addition, the parents' meeting in the kindergarten can be organized on the initiative of the parents in the event of a serious problem that requires early discussion and prompt resolution.

# 2

The date of the meeting is reported to parents by posting relevant information on the bulletin board for 1-2 weeks prior to the meeting.The first official meeting with the group of parents of pre-school institutions - teachers, head and other staff of the kinderg

arten (or the subject of the issues) - held in September.At the beginning of the meeting the head of the voice lesson plan at the beginning of school year, informs about internal rules.Then the teacher explains in detail the methodology of training and answers to all your questions.In the future will hold meetings only tutor group.

# 3

Traditionally, the procedure of meetings in preschools includes 3 stages.Initially, the teacher pronounces a brief opening statement, containing information about the children's progress, they have acquired new skills and abilities, as well as problems whose solution requires parental control.The main part of the collective involves detailed discussion of topical issues, including and common - for example, the improvement of the playground, planned repairs, purchase of necessary textbooks and supplementary equipment playrooms.Ends parent meeting approval of a plan of action.

# 4

During the first meeting of the committee formed by the parent (usually 3-5 people), which is responsible for the resolution of domestic issues - the implementation of a fund-raising group to the needs, buying gifts for children for the holidays, stationery required for the training and so forth. in the case of when the meeting is preceded by a festive date, the program introduced the discussion points regarding the preparation of the event and coordinated contribution of parents in the celebrations.The members of the parent committee shall take an active part in coordinating the organizational aspects.

# 5

Evaluation of placement and characteristics of home education is carried out through a survey of parents.Methods of thematic surveys also makes it possible to establish a parent's willingness to take active part in the life of the children's group.Along with the common organization of meetings in kindergarten become increasingly popular nontraditional conduct meetings, suggesting the presence of parents with children.The theme of these meetings shall be approved in advance, and the information is presented to educators in poluigrovoy form in order to maintain interest in the discussion of children.