How to get rid of radiation in the body ?

How to get rid of radiation in the body ?
You will need:
  • dosimeter
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • White bread, nuts and wheat
# 1

Radiation is one of the most dangerous threats known to mankind.Today, people are aware of these types of radiation, alpha radiation, beta radiation, neutron and photon radiation (X-ray, gamma) radiation.To find out how to get rid of radiation.We need to understand what we are dealing.

# 2

Radiation - this radiation.As you know, many people do not see the light.So with radiation.People can not see it.It can only be measured by a special device - a dosimeter.2. Radiation - inaudible.3. Radiation - has no taste, color and zapaha4.Radiation - dangerous to humans, humanity known deaths.Now you can easily answer the familiar question: What is radiation?

# 3

most dangerous to human alpha and beta radiation.It can lead to disease, radiation, genetic disease and death.From the amount of radiation dose depends on the fate of the person: 0.1 gr.0.5 g.- A doubling of the likelihood of gene mutation, 0.5 g.1.0 g.- T

he maximum dose of 1.0 g.3 c.- Radiation sickness from 3 c.up to 10 grams.- Death in 1-2 months (without treatment), 10 g.50 gr.- Death after 1-2 days, from 50 g.up to 100 gr.- Death within 2 hours.How does radiation on human?The answer is very simple - it destroys it.

# 4

From birth man receives a dose of radiation.From sunlight, their space, X-rays.And to avoid it, practically impossible.The action of radiation on the human (with food), first affected the thyroid gland, after the liver, and then destroyed the skeleton and muscles is the most recent.How radiation affects the body?Organs that are most exposed to radiation - it's lungs, stomach, intestines, gonads, as well as skin and bone marrow.The least exposed to radiation following organs: trachea, liver, spleen and schitovitka.The average dose received by a Russian citizen per year - 0.1 rad.And only one X-ray snapshot of a person gets 3 pleased.1 rad = 0.1 Gy.

# 5

In order to bring the radiation from the body, it is necessary to use pharmaceutical drugs, eat more nuts, wheat and white bread.I wonder how radiation acts?Man is designed so that it is able to reflect the many illnesses, including radiation, but when she reached the incredible results - the body gives up.The cells - mutants, which made radiation, the body expels and replaces them with new, fresh cells.This process can take from one week to one month.