How to break through the man machine number ?

How to break through the man machine number ?
You will need:
  • request to the traffic police
  • passport driving license
# 1

case, in order to calculate the number of the owner on the car there is great variety.These typically include those cases when, for example, the originator of the accident fled the scene in an unknown direction, if the car owner insulted or clipped.Sometimes it happens that the usual pedestrians also need this service, as there was hitting on him or his relatives, and the perpetrator fled and did not even had a first aid.It really do, we need only refer to the post office or the traffic police.

# 2

you need to answer the question of how to break through the plate number?To do this, you need to make a statement and come with him to the department of traffic police.In this case, you need to have a passport or driver's license.After that, you will need to specify the reason why people want to get the information about the car and its owner.It is important to note that the owner of the car to find the registrati

on number is quite simple.If such data are not available, you have to work hard in search of the owner of the car.

# 3

must be remembered that each department and traffic police post have a common base and data on all vehicles in the region they also have.If the car is not registered in the region, the traffic police will have to forward the request for supplies to another region where it will be reviewed and it will be answered.Here you need a little distracted from the main theme and give explanations about the registration number, to make it easier to understand what it represents.These rooms give on the basis of the rules of registration of motor vehicles, which have been approved by the order of Ministry of Internal Affairs №59 from 27 January 2003.

# 4

In connection with these regulations, the owner of the car must present documents that certify the identity, the TCP transport, as MTPL policy for a change of rooms.After that, the information about the vehicle is entered in the database and that is why the registration number is the hallmark of the vehicle owner and it can be found by the owner of the auto number.After all, it contains information such as the FI O address of the actual place of residence and registration address, and cell, home and work phone number even.

# 5

Therefore, in order to break the owner by number only need to have time to remember the registration number.It happens that people only remember the letters or digits of the number, the traffic police can punch machine-room and find out the owner of the vehicle, especially if it is associated with quite serious violations of traffic rules or involving in an accident.Therefore, every car owner must be remembered that he has no right to hide from the scene of the accident, before the traffic police arrived.

# 6

worth noting some tips in case of accident culprit fled the scene.Here it is necessary to try to remember the number of car, its make and color, as well as the need to be convinced to stay on-site incident witnesses, who will be able to clarify the situation.After all, there are cases when the owner of the car might be a shock, and he can not remember the necessary information for him in this and help witnesses.Once produce their poll, it will be possible to break the car line and set the owner of the disappeared from the scene.By following these simple rules, it will be easy to find the owner of the car and bring him to justice for an offense under the law.