How to charge the magnum ammo ?

How to charge the magnum ammo ?
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# 1

Charging patrons.For beginners or not so experienced gun owners would be useful to know the rules of conduct with a gun, at least, how to load magnum cartridges.For the manufacture of cartridge you need to get a plastic or brass cartridge cases, primers, powder "Sonar", two spacers (which are included with a scratch, without bending), two wad (or wood-fiber, or felt), high-quality shot, even one or two pads.The size and proportions depend on the caliber of the sleeve.Is there a difference between how the charge caliber cartridges 20 and others?Firstly, on the boxes of smokeless powder for the 20 caliber Unknown charge weight.

# 2

But this is not a problem if the gun were tested smokeless powder, when released from the plant.Secondly, compared with the 16 caliber, for 20 - sample 20-25% smaller.If we evaluate the cartridges 20 and 12 gauge cartridges - how to choose which of them will be the best?To date, the gun has become very vers

atile.There is a view that a gun, for example, 20 caliber can get the shots, which are affecting the ability of regular patrons both 20 and 12 gauge.This can be done by using different cartridges.Therefore, the question arises difficulty selection rounds to be decided only by the buyer.

# 3

How to make homemade chuck at home?This process is labor intensive, requires a lot of attention and understanding of the case.Knowing what to do is an important factor, since the results of the manufacture of ammunition in the home should not be sad.Yet, in order to make a cartridge, you will need: brass tube rings for curtains (the size of the inner diameter of 3/8 ''), solder paste, pipe cutter, vernier, gas-welding torch, square tube 30 * 30 mm and a wooden template.If we talk about how to store the cartridges, there are some legal restrictions.Holders, as well as weapons, should be stored in a safe.With regard to the allowed amount, then there are no restrictions.But this is only for storage.If we are talking about transportation, then ammo limit is 400 pieces.