When removed tomatoes from the bushes in the greenhouse : collect tomatoes

When removed tomatoes from the bushes in the greenhouse : collect tomatoes
You will need:
  • greenhouse tomatoes
# 1

Greenhouse products retain their useful properties, it does not contain dangerous chemicals and nitrates.However, to get a really tasty and rich harvest, it takes all the details to know when to shoot tomatoes in the greenhouse, and how to do it.First of all, it should be clarified that the process of cultivation of vegetables in greenhouses difficult and troublesome, and the sharp and sudden change of weather can and does lead to the imminent death of tomatoes.It is very important not only to grow the plant, but also to engage in its dressing, treatment, protection against pests.Also does not hurt to explore the intricacies of collecting tomatoes, for example, it is desirable to pluck their still immature form.This is required to ensure that the tomato ripe separately on a windowsill, not spoiled by rotting on the branch.This is the first rule that you have to know every agriculturist, having a greenhouse with tomatoes.

# 2

Shoot unripe tomato bushes should be together with the stem that will preserve their elasticity, rich color and unique taste.It is desirable that the tomato during the collection had a pink or light brown tint was medium-sized and difficult broke from the bush.After collecting tomatoes require carefully spread out on the windowsill in a row, at the same time make sure that they are exposed to direct sunlight.Besides neighboring tomatoes must not come into contact with each other, otherwise the process of ripening of the crop rotting end.This is a prerequisite to feast on ripe and juicy product in a short time, to feel a pleasant taste and own creation.Usually 5 - 10 days ripening enough to become tasty tomatoes and ripe, steel decoration holiday or everyday table.Do not ripened fruit should not be used in the diet, otherwise you can cause indigestion.

# 3

If immature tomatoes were many, and the sill is small, narrow and roomy, we can put them in a separate wooden box for ripening.To this end, it is desirable to put together a few boards on the bottom put a couple of layers of old newspaper, and on top of the vegetables in 2 - 3 series.It is important that large fruit is not pressed down small, or tomato and deforms rapidly deteriorate, rot.It is also important to ensure the flow of available light, so it is desirable to put a wooden box on the balcony, but not necessarily on the windowsill.When tomatoes ripen in the dark, they do not get the desired shade, dry and only wither, and not getting the desired taste.Therefore, these recommendations are best not to avoid, especially since they are accessible to everyone agronomist.With artificial lighting when there is no natural flow tomatoes ripening process can be complicated and somewhat delayed and takes longer 5 - 10 days, and up to 15 - 20 days.

# 4

If derail greenhouse tomatoes before ripened type, correctly put them on the bottom of the wooden box, to ensure the flow of light and do not worry unnecessarily, such raw vegetables retain their flavor and presentable appearance for 2 - 2, 5 months.This time is quite enough to replenish the body with useful trace elements and vitamins, eat tomatoes and vegetable salads with their direct participation.To significantly "prolong life" ripe tomatoes, each fruit is recommended separately wrapped in a paper layer as exotic fruits or pour sawdust, dry peat.This is another trick that often use agricultural workers and owners of greenhouses.Sawdust find and get a snap, and dry peat always prevail on the open market and is available to everyone.Here the main thing - do not overdo it with the addition of raw materials, or tomatoes spoil.

# 5

Pluck fresh tomatoes in the greenhouse is necessary depending on the particular temperature.It is important to take into account the fact that the air temperature at night is much lower daily, so it is required to make a start from the lower figure.The optimal ambient temperature for the harvest in this situation is the mark on the thermometer at 8 degrees Celsius, while at the level of 4 degrees or less are considered to be plucked tomatoes peremerzshimi, so very soon rot.Such fruit is recommended to eat in the first place, when in fact their taste leaves much to be desired.This is a very important moment, and if it is an oversight in a timely manner, all human efforts will be in vain, and the cost of "production" - empty.If you pluck the tomatoes at high temperatures, such as perishable fruits and eat them as soon as possible, it is desirable, also in the first place and do not store in a drawer.

# 6

If you disrupt the greenhouse completely green fruit, they do not reach even after a couple of months.Of course, slightly porozoveyut the appearance, but the taste will be, to put it mildly, paper and inedible.Thus tomatoes is also its application, and involve them more often in the preparation of conservation, for example, halves with horseradish and garlic.If you need to pink tomatoes after collection reached more quickly, you need to drop them a few minutes in a bowl of warm water well.Then remove additionally wipe cloth and put it on the windowsill for the early ripening.Many have personally verified that this method really works, and crude vegetable takes on the desired color and the usual color in a relatively short period of time - he needs only 2 - 3 days, and to be served as refreshments.So there is nothing complicated about the collection of fresh tomatoes, the main thing - to do everything on time and strictly adhere to these rules.