Proper care of the cherry : when and how to spray the trees ?

Proper care of the cherry : when and how to spray the trees ?
You will need:
  • Sprayer
  • for wood
  • means for storing the harvest
  • Rubber gloves
  • protective mask
# 1

Every gardener knows that gather a good harvest, not caring for cherries, cherry, apple, and the other fruit crops, it is impossible.With the help of spraying "treated" wood tree, protect it from malicious activity of insects.Installing special tools: rattle, scary shiny accessories, fine-meshed network, protect crops from birds.There are rules to follow that and manage to maintain healthy trees and collect fruits, which eating is absolutely safe.Protection against certain pests and diseases is carried out in the period.But make sure the spray schedule is impossible.The spread of diseases and the increase in the number of pests in many respects depends on the weather conditions during the flowering fruit crops.

# 2

It is worth considering the approximate schedule when and how to spray the cherry.April.In this month, weather permitting buds, flowering begins.The plant trea

ted against fungal diseases.For cherries characteristic perforated spotting or klyasterospiroz.While it affects almost all organs of the tree: branches, flowers, buds, berries, leaves.Berries lose their shape, the leaves appear ugly dark spots on them are formed holes.The more warm and humid weather, the disease progresses faster.Wood treated with medications containing copper: bordossokoy mixture of liquid and copper sulfate.100g mixed drugs diluted in 10 liters of water.

# 3

can also be used for this disease kartotsid, kuprozan, homitsin.How to plant drugs indicated in the instructions.Spraying is carried out at a sweet cherry bud formation, again - as soon as they bloom before the ovary.In addition, the required branches damaged, with injuries, of which there kamedotechenie, clean, rub with oil paint, garden pitch, or the juice of sorrel.It is effective in the fight against this disease - chorus.Package means required to dissolve in a bucket of water.Once the bloom has passed, appeared ovary, trees should be treated again with chemicals containing a copper.Before spraying requires specially prepared wood.The disease overwinters in the build-up in the trunk, the bark of last year, the old branches.

# 4

main pest of cherries - cherry aphid.Cherry aphid - a small insect of black color, its dimensions are less than 2 mm, so that a mere glance it is difficult to notice.Activate it in the spring, after winter.Its larvae vyluplyayas of eggs placed on the underside of leaves or buds of fruit stems, drain them, decant the juice.Aphids yields over the summer of 14 new generations.The leaves of the tree, struck aphids, shrivel, darken and fall off.Sprinkle the cherries from cherry aphid carried out without chemicals.Make a strong decoction of the dandelion, garlic, onions.Insist 2-3 hours, add a piece of grated soap in the bucket of water.Begin spraying as soon as the first pests are noticed cherries.

# 5

for cherries care continues in the summer.If cherries old, it once again treated with copper-containing drugs and karbofosom.In late June - early July appears cherry fly, cherry sawyer.From flies can spray the tree with pesticides: kinmiks, tsimbush or folk remedies: tincture of garlic, a decoction of wormwood and some others.Mucous sawyer destroy fitoverm and bitoksibatsillin.Preparations are bred according to the instructions.All spraying, involving pesticides, must be completed within 3 weeks before harvest.

# 6

how to conduct spraying cherries?What do: hand sprayer, automatic device - this question is irrelevant.The main thing - to have a length of hose to be able to capture the crown.The solution was diluted to a uniform consistency and occasionally shaken during spraying to every portion of all required ingredients were the same amount.Spray head held at a distance 75 cm from the work surface and is directed to the middle of the major branches.In some cases it is necessary to spray the trunk and the ground near the tree.Those who work with chemicals must comply with the maximum precaution.Wear protective gear: mask, gloves, and can be protective goggles.Do not spray the tree against the wind.Toxic substances should not fall on the very working.