Everyone wants free sms to " MTS " !How to connect a free SMS to " MTS " ?

Everyone wants free sms
You will need:
  • mobile or cellular device
  • high speed internet connection
# 1

Maybe someone will be surprised, but free SMS and MMS- messages are very popular among manypeople, especially young people, because there are cases when talking on the phone for some reason impossible, and share information is required, and sometimes receive emails, even if the electron is much more interesting and fun way to learn the news.It is for this reason that experts regard have been developed special rates and methods of how to connect the MTS free SMS messages and will now be considered in detail each of them.For example, there is the easiest way of how to connect a free SMS to MTS, which involves sending a USSD-command to a special number.To do this, type the following sequence of numbers and symbols: asterisk, one hundred and eleven, star, twenty-two and thirty, grille, call button (* 111 * 2230 #).

# 2

should take into account the fact that the combination "2230" may vary depending on the region

, which is home to the subscriber, and in more detail this information can be specified on the official website of MTS.In addition, this method involves a service to unlimited SMS and does not mean the transition to the new tariff package, which is undoubtedly very convenient.It should take into account the fact that the very activation of this option is absolutely free, if the phone number is connected to any of the VIP-tariff (for the other packages, including the "MAXI" and "RedEnergy", the service will cost twenty Russian rubles)but for its use of the subscriber will have to pay five rubles every day, which in principle is a purely nominal fee.Within the MTS network in the day, you can send an unlimited number of SMS messages and other mobile and cellular operators is a special limit - up to thirty SMS messages per day.

# 3

Unfortunately, to date, to order the service "Unlimited SMS and MMS" is impossible, although until 12 December 2011, it was provided by MTS.The method of how to disable the free SMS to MTS (unlimited transfer), the same as in the case of activation of the service: should again send a USSD-command, which has been shown above (* 111 * 2230 #).To check the balance of SMS messages per day, if the sending is performed for other mobile or cellular operators, you need to dial the following combination of characters and digits: asterisk, a hundred, a star, one grill and a button to call (* 100 *1#).There is one very easy way how to activate or deactivate this service, which is to create their own "personal office" in a special MTS application "Internet Assistant".

# 4

To do this on the main page of the application that elementary is freely available to any Internet site, you need to drive in a field that begins with a combination of "7" own phone number, press the button "Getpassword by SMS "and wait will be notified with a special code to be precisely moved to the window with the title" password. "After that, the user goes to your "My Account", where in the upper right corner will be provided all the necessary information about its pricing, services and bonus points, if any.Disable option can be in the same place, guided in performing basic tips.Alternatively, a mobile or tablet device, you can download a special free application "MTS service" (via "googleplay" for the Android operating system, or "Itunes" - for "Ios"), which is also convenient to conduct such operations.

# 5

There is another option of how you can get unlimited SMS, but in this case we are talking about an option that comes with the transition to such new tariff packages as "SuperMTS", "RedEnergy" and "Your country".However, there is not so simple and, despite the announced unlimited traffic for the services provided, which is called "SMS Smart", there is still some kind of restriction.Activation of this option is automatic when you go to one of the above-mentioned package of tariffs, but in the day you can send up to ten SMS messages in the operator and the home region (eleventh and all subsequent SMS are charged according to current standards).

# 6

In addition, this service is only available for the first fifteen days, after which the use of the "Unlimited SMS" begins to be charged at the rate of five Russian rubles per day.this option can be disabled if desired, using some of the above methods, but if during the first fifteen days and three subscribers to send SMS messages less than a day, it is deactivated independently.