Balance " MTS " traffic check is simple!As to the " MTS " to check the exact traffic balance?

traffic Balance
You will need:
  • mobile or cellular device
  • Internet connection as an alternative
# 1

In fact, in order to cope with this task is not necessary to possess any-That super-knowledge, or skills and all-sufficient only remember a few simple combinations of characters and numbers, with which you can learn all of its data.So, the first and easiest way how to MTS check the rest of the traffic is to set a special code "star, a hundred, a lattice and a call key" (* 100 #), and then on the screen almost instantly lights up the balance amount and period of validitytariff package.This method is the most popular and it is called USSD-command, although there are other basic options as to how to see the rest of the traffic on the MTS.For example, run the query by sending an SMS-message to the number one hundred and eleven (111), and in the text entry field is required to drive a number of eleven (11).

# 2

After the request is sent to a specified number, after a few minutes (the time from dispatch to

receipt may be a matter of seconds) to come SMS-message with this server with the response information on the account balance status andits duration (recently also indicated the name of a tariff package for mobile communication).Perhaps someone will be surprised, but rather there are cases when the device something happens and check the balance by hand, by introducing a special combination of numbers or characters to send a message to the server "111" or USSD-command is not possible (breakdown keys, problems with touchdisplay board and other mechanical problems).In such cases, employees of MTS alternative methods that have been developed as a check on the MTS traffic, taking into account all the possible problems and situations.

# 3

So, for example, can be elementary to register on the official website of MTS (Annex "Internet Assistant"), thus obtaining a "personal cabinet", where all the necessary information at the current rate will be specified and made availablethe choice of some services (Internet, TV, transition to other tariff packages, certificates, transfer of funds to the numbers within the network, and so forth.).In order to be authorized, simply fill in the field marked "7" numbers of their own phone number, wait for SMS-message with a special code, enter it in the second box, which is located just below (marked "Password") and click "To come in".Some subscribers may be a logical question, how do you know the rest of MTS traffic this way, if no technical malfunction of the device allows you to read SMS-messages with an incoming password required to access the "Internet Assistant".

# 4

In fact, the developers site provided such an option, and made possible through the service entrance of such popular social networks as "Odnoklassniki", "VKontakte", "facebook" and even through the operating system Windows stationary devices.After a few easy and clear authorization steps, the user finally able to get into the app and get all the necessary information, which is located in the upper right corner in the following order: first name, customer middle name, his phone number with a note on the activity, the name of the tariff package, the balance (that, in fact, looking for) and the number of bonus points.Similarly, the method of how to find the rest of the traffic on the MTS setting can be called a special mobile application, which is usually not only download to your mobile device, and even on the tablet and personal computers.

# 5

The trick lies in the fact that after passing authorization once and use the "remember your password on this device", you can receive information at any time, without sending additional SMS-messages to confirm the code request to be required to enterin a mobile application.Also of note is the fact that such an application can track multiple numbers and the current status of the balance of any of the devices, including those that belong to the families and friends of the subscriber.So, in order to keep all the information under control, you can "AnyBalance" to download the application through the software store Android "GooglePlay" or "BalansInfo" through "Itunes" for ios and Windows.Do not forget about such simple techniques, how to recognize traffic on the MTS, as the call to the appropriate services of the mobile operator.

# 6

first option - to call the service center, which is now referred to as "Mobile Assistant".To do this, dial the number one hundred and eleven (111) and follow all the prompts, which will be dictated by the following compounds.If you do not choose any of the proposed menu, then in the end user will connect directly with the operator, which in a matter of seconds, give all the necessary information about the account balance and its validity period.Basically contact the cellular operator and an employee can be much faster.For this it is necessary to dial the number zero and ninety-eight (0890) and stay on the line as long as the compound does not happen, because there are times when all the lines are busy.

# 7

But if for some non-specific issues related to the operation of the network, you can get timely and succinct answers, that personal information, which include account balance, it is permissible to learn after only a few correct data responses to questionsoperator.Typically, employees are asked passport data (series, number, by whom, where and when issued) and "secret word" that the subscriber left as a sort of key (mother's maiden name).