How to download press : effective exercises

How to download press : effective exercises
You will need:
  • desire to pump up the press
  • Leisure time three times a week
  • Training Complex
  • Dumbbells
  • Rope
# 1

Before you download the press, it is necessaryperform a simple warm-up, or in the future to carry such exercise would be very problematic.Do not warm up your muscles to remind myself unpleasant pain and the severity of the following morning, when the desire to get out of bed will not coincide with such an opportunity.That is why the first exercise training complex, however, as the latter, can be safely attributed to the category of kardionagruzok.What it is?During the first minute it is required to jump in one place so that his knees were raised to the level of the chest, or at least to start the waist.The second moment must be non-stop jump rope, while breathing correctly and in no case do not stray from the rhythm.Two minutes is enough, and now it is possible to violate the basic training of the abdominal muscles.

# 2

So, you want to stand up straight, legs spread s

houlder-width apart and put your hands just above knees and palms clearly indicate in a stable position.His back hunched over at this point, and the abdomen more effort to draw in itself.The point of the exercise - to pump straight abdominal muscles and strengthen the front wall of the peritoneum;but it is necessary to perform efficiently.To do this, take a deep breath, then exhale as much as possible, displacing all the air from the lungs, and hold your breath for exactly five movements.At this time rhythmically "throw" front abdominal muscles - back, and after a count of five, you can rest and relax for a while.There is recommended for seven repetitions, where each includes five characteristic manipulation.If you do the exercise on a regular basis, the excess fat very quickly leaving characteristic muscle group.

# 3

If interested, how to swing the press, the following exercise is just about it and tell.And is required to pump the upper and lower muscle groups at the same time, and for this to take a position of "lying" on the pre-purchased gymnastic mat.The legs bend at the knees and hands to close "the castle" and lay his head with spread apart elbows.Next, we need to raise both the body and legs, meeting somewhere in the middle.Repeat these seemingly basic movement of up to 20 times, after which you can relax, but not for long.To secure this result it is necessary to go back to the gym mat with your hands behind your head, and bend your knees to lift up, as if trying to perform the most basic "birch".Perform this motion rhythmically desirable and 15 - 20 times.

# 4

then press need to pump other equally effective ways, in separate cycling workout upper and lower muscles.For the pumping of so-called "lower press" rhythmically need to raise the legs at an angle of 90 degrees, to make known to all exercise "bicycle", or perform simple "scissors".Of the proposed select one liked exercise for the lower press who follow the training complex at least 20 times without stopping or making breaks during one approach.The top news also requires special attention and swinging conventionally, ie assumes flexion - extension of the housing in an amount 20 times without stopping.Just one approach, but in order to achieve the desired result the number of repetitions increased gradually.

# 5

What other effective exercises?Press includes not only direct but also the oblique muscle groups that are to design a chic silhouette also requires additional pumping.One of the most effective exercises got a strange name "Around the world", and for its implementation need to be in possession of the ball is not so much as a gymnastic mat.So, you want to first take a sitting position, legs bend at the knees and hands to dissolve as if they focused a large bowl.Perform tilt back, while twisting oblique abdominal muscles first with one and then the other side, climb.Outwardly, it looks like a picture when the person using the balloon encircles his body around.To carry out this exercise without stopping up to 20 times.Over time, the number of repetitions can be increased by their own feelings.

# 6

following exercise also allows the pump oblique abdominal muscles, with a little break from the resulting physical exertion.For its implementation need to lie on a gym mat and put your feet feet down, bend at the knees, and back at this time firmly against the hard ground.Hold the back in this position, rotate the knees alternately in one direction and then the other;thus ensure that they are in contact with the floor.Blades thus should not be suspended from the floor, and the sides must be present a certain tension and even tangible pain.This proves once again that the oblique abdominal muscles qualitatively worked out that in the future will help to issue a press flawless at home and in a fairly short period of time.Each side takes 20 repetitions.

# 7

End such an effective workout is best rhythmic jumping rope or deep knee-bends with straight arms in front of him.Jumping rope is recommended for an uninterrupted period of one minute, squat 30 times, and it is possible and more is possible.Such training complex repeated up to three times a week, but it is possible and more often, and the result is noticeable already after a couple of weeks.It is important to regular and systematic, otherwise the press has the ability to swim very fast and fat lose their ideal shape.So it is advisable not to start the shape, and to perform such simple exercises with special responsibility.