Using headphones luminous Luminous Headphones: how to properly charge ?

Using headphones luminous Luminous Headphones: how to properly charge ?

When buying new gadgets are usually few people think about the advisability of purchasing, without understanding in place of any nuances of the work of a unit, in the end, after testing appear negative reviews.To this did not happen with the people that are buying headphones Luminous Headphones, this article describes how to charge the luminous headphones, and that this requires.


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Using headphones

Glowing headphones should be charged with the active use about once every two days (active use involves listening to music overmore than 7 hours).Headphones Glow models, Luminous Headphones are able to use the active mode to maintain the bright glow of the order of 10-11 hours.this time depends on the settings in the official application that can be downloaded and for devices running Android, and Apple products.The application shall be established by adjusting the brightness and pulsation in different modes (for example,

to the beat of the movement of the hands, as the equalizer or in accordance with the heart rhythm).Obviously, the more the brightness and pulsation frequency, the faster the battery charge will sit, but the minimum amount of time claimed by manufacturers - 10 hours.

modern gadget

addition to brightness and glow pulsing, plays the role of "linked" if the headphones with your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity (headphones have a built-in microphone, so you can answer an incoming call).After the battery has fallen, the headphones can still be used as usual, the sound quality is in no way affected.The vast majority of headphones in his luminous device has a battery, the power supply LEDs are made by LED-technology.So that those people that are not familiar with the device most modern gadgets, but wonder how to charge the luminous headphones, bundled with them talking on their application instructions.

It is written that the headphones are charged with a special wire, one end of which has a connector microUSB, and the other - the plug in the socket.Glowing headphone companies Glow Luminous Headphones and charged to a 100% state of charge in thirty minutes, which is slightly smaller than the other models.Upon reaching full charge corresponding indication on the control unit will inform the user about it.

headphones Charging

very literate move by the producers - to make a connector for charging it microUSB, rather than any property.This greatly facilitates the charging process, since the loss of the standard wires to buy the same will not be truda.Takzhe headphones can be recharged using a portable power units, whose popularity has recently increased sharply (most likely the case in the fragility of modern smartphones battery charge).Headphones of the total charge will take a maximum of three to four per cent, which, obviously, will not affect the full restoration of a smartphone or tablet computer.

There are headphones with glowing wires that Robust his charge, but in the dark, they are sometimes seen even better than the above mentioned.Wires of headphones covered with a special fluorescent paint (due to its properties such headphones under certain circumstances, and indeed will glow for longer time than those that operate on battery power).These headphones do not require charging completely from the network, but they are very unreliable, since made of materials of this type, which is easily abraded when wearing earphones, for example, in a pocket with keys or fines.

best solution

Save glowing headphone battery charge will lower its use, for example, does not necessarily exhibit namaksimalny brightness levels when using headphones in the street, where everything is well lit, and the light from the street lamps interrupts the light from the headphones.Throbbing in different rhythms is a chip, which, however, consume battery power more quickly than does the modern smartphone, so use it all the time is clearly not the best solution.

Acquire glowing headphones all the experts in the field of Hi-tech is recommended to already well-known companies on the website yet Aliexpress, as they have a better quality of service than the headphones More neraskruchennyh firms.For a choice in favor of the latter said the lower price, the quality of execution may be the same, but it is possible to purchase headphones luminous, but with poor sound quality (and battery can hold even up to 3-4 hours).