Learning basic breathing Oksisayz

Learning basic breathing Oksisayz

You bet!This technique not only removes excess kilograms and centimeters, but also gets rid of cellulite, improves blood circulation, as well as forming a new attractive figure and increases stamina.

And all this - for 15-20 minutes daily training!It seems a miracle, but it's true!However, this works only when the practice oksisayza constant and regular.

not be said that oksisayz, despite some "similarities" with Bodyflex, many of its characteristics favorably of him.Perhaps the most important thing - this is something that we should not hold their breath.This means that even people with health problems (eg, retinal detachment) can successfully practice and achieve results.Oksisayz - a harmonious combination of deep diaphragm breathing, stretching exercises and static postures.

Learning to breathe properly

Proper breathing - the basis Oksisayza.It is at once all three elephants, which "costs", this wonderful system.breathing technique is simple:

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1. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart place, knees slightly bent.Feet set parallel to each other.Pay attention to the back: it should be a straight line!Shoulders slumped down and take them back slightly.It remains to "tuck" the pelvis forward.This position should not be tense.

2. Next, take a deep breath through your nose, straining buttocks, at the moment of inspiration - smile, and his nostrils expand.So the body goes more oxygen.

abdomen during inspiration "throw away" ahead.We make a thorough deep breath and even sudden dovdoha 3, during which we raise a little belly up.

3. Hooray!It's time to expiration.This is done through the mouth, folded as if you want to smear lipstick, exhale.At this stage, the buttocks to relax, but the stomach draws in as much as we can (to the abdominal muscles, as follows, worked).

It remains only to make three dovydoha and even more strain at this time the press.

Once you have worked your breath to automatism, start to do the exercises.You simply take the required posture and breathe!During the day, should be carried out not less than 30 exercises.Exercises can be borrowed from Callanetics or Bodyflex.Although the network is always possible to find a series of exercises on the most Jill Jones.

«Pitfalls» basic breathing

· Note that smile and "throw" the belly forward during inspiration must!In front of the tummy breath should be relaxed, and the pelvis "overturned".

· No excuses: not running stomach, it means - the breath will be breast, and our goal - the f!Do not smile, then oxygen will flow a little.

· Another important point: your chest and shoulders at this point should not make any upward movement, control yourself, do not bend or round up the back.

Well, correct breath is done, go ahead.

· Three dovdoha - is our next goal.Do not worry, you have the strength to do them!They are not so long to be afraid of them.The most important thing - it's a little to lift the lower abdomen at the time of their execution.And not just the air, "drive", namely three times "to get to» oxygen "in small doses.Done!

· Do not forget that we are continuing to keep a "smile".Our goal - as much oxygen!

· your lips as you exhale should be intense, not just stand in the position of "I smear lipstick."To press it was working as it should, a narrow passage, artificially created by our lips, should represent an additional burden for our lazy tummy.But that is not all!Do not relax, we continue!

· Approaching three dovydoha.Make an effort - even more straining press, presses the stomach into itself (so it is literally pressed into the back) and "squeeze" all "remnants" of the oxygen from his lungs three dovydohami.

And remember that exercise is performed when the above-described cycle was repeated 4 times!

Common Errors:

1) Back in the classroom bent.

2) As you exhale, you "give up the slack" and still drop your selections down.

3) you raise the shoulders and chest, despite all the warnings!Ah ah ah!

4) you do not regularly, but at the same time waiting for the promised results - up to minus 20 kg in six months.

5) Are you happy that you can not starve to Oksisayzom, but understood it to your "sly" way.Certainly, starvation diets harm and result in the opposite effect, but it does not mean that eating habits do not need to be revised.Ideally, calorie eaten per day should not exceed - 1600 kcal.

Otherwise, if you still continue to eat as much as you want, you will not achieve your goals.Yes, you will not get better, but do not lose weight.

6) Another interesting fact, which is called - "check for yourself."Will smoking - zero results.And it is understandable: our goal - oxygenation of the body, not all kinds of "byakami".So choose that expensive.

7) You have already mastered the exercise cycle and your breathing is correct, but you are doing less than 30 exercises.If that hard to do once 30, divide them into two parts.

8) Do not force events, no matter what technique is not mastered.Listen to your body and proceed at your own pace.If you will take the time - nedoberete air will deliberately delay - do not see the result.Be natural!

And most importantly - do not be fooled!If these lessons are so you are not interested, then do not waste time looking for another option, which will become part of your life.