How can I make a strong password on the computer ?Come up with a password on the computer !

How can I make a strong password on the computer ?Come up with a password on the computer !
You will need:
  • presence secret question
  • good memory to remember the most complicated password
# 1

In modern times the protection of the personal computer of the user data is a priority in the program development and operatingsystems to maximize the degree of its manufacturers try each system.But, despite all the efforts, the content of a search query "How can I make the password on the computer that will be inaccessible to intruders" is one of the most frequent in the various systems (Google, Yandex, Bing, etc.).To begin to understand how to put a password on the computer that can be Windows 7, Windows 8 (Windows 8.1), Windows 10. The fundamental difference between the way to put a password on a local user account, not the main thing - to come up with a secure password thatthe method of selection of input will not work exactly.

# 2

competently comprised password prevent unauthorized entry to the account, which in turn will protect your personal data from unwanted viewing and downloa

ding.Reliable password is also required in order to ensure the safety of the home team, which includes a network of computers, smart phones or TVs.So, to set a password on the computer that is running Windows 7, you must: go to the Control Panel, then select the tab-link "Accounts" by pressing on which will open a special dialog box where and press the button "Create a password".After the introduction and repeating the procedure for the changes to come, as always, you must restart the computer.

# 3

In Windows 8, as well as in Windows 8.1, the password is set as follows: if the worker is not a touch screen, you must move the mouse to the right side of the screen, select where the search function.In the window that appears, type "Settings" and open the link that appears on the executable application;You can also click on the "Start" button, then select the arrow pointing down to open when you click a list of all installed applications, and then select "Options" button.After opening the application, you must select the "Accounts", which should open the tab "Login Options", then the password setup procedure is almost no different from the identical procedure in Windows 7.

# 4

In Windows 10 protseduraneskolko simplified: forset a password when logging on the computer, you must click on the "Start" button, then select "Settings" in the list of quick menu, then - "Accounts" and then - "input parameters" where and create a password for entering.In Windows 10, like Windows 8, it is possible to create a graphical password, by their nature more difficult for attackers to selection.Very comfortable setting at Microsoft have come up for Windows 8 and Windows 10 - the possibility of combining the local user account (that is, the one that used "right now" on your computer) and Microsoft account, which removes the need to remember multiple passwords for different accounts.To join in the tab "Input parameters" you must press the appropriate button, then in the window that appears, enter the email address used to log in to the Microsoft account, and your password.

# 5

to the future no questions as to put the code on a computer that is sure to protect the privacy of personal data, you must follow some rules of drawing up passwords.The main rule of them - the obligatory presence of a large number of characters in a keyword, at least 8;firstly, increasing the number of characters simply increases the hacking of the password, and secondly, a password is very difficult to remember seeing him accidentally when typesetting.It is strongly recommended not to create passwords that are indirect or direct personal connection, such as a password, consisting of a name or birth date of a loved one or a child, is an example of a very unreliable passwords, because the first thing that comes to mind attackers.

# 6

ideal password should consist of at least 10 characters (character - it's not just the letter, it also figures with characters), preferably of different registers and languages ​​(English and Russian "and" computer processed in different ways,so the password can consist at least of the ten letters alternately changing).Also, a good password should contain at least one digit and any single character, such as the percent sign - "%".It is also advised not to make a password that contains a complete word in itself, such as "stool" is not as reliable a password like "TabYretKa23)."Last password in the first place, has a few numbers, one character, as well as letters of different registers (ie, large and small letters) and languages.The above example in the password easy to remember, but this kind of writing the password makes it very reliable.

# 7

Very often, when you create a password using a method such as reduction of a sentence of up to one word, often quite unpronounceable.For example, the sentence "I am a fan of the basketball team," Golden State Warriors, favorite player at number 30 "can be converted into a word-password" Yabzbk "GUS" lipn30 ".This password is hardly enough even to someone in the head, not to mention the fact that egomozhno any way to guess or pick.In the same password, you can add foreign letters, so the password will have the following: "Yabzbk" GSW ", lipn30".This password is very reliable, it is practically impossible to hack, but to the selection of the program, however, this type of password will take her around for a few years due to the number of symbols of different registers and letters of several languages.