How to learn parkour ?

How to learn parkour ?
You will need:
  • partner or mentor
  • physical training
  • desire
# 1

Let's start in order: what is parkour?This is the art of movement, mainly in the city.In recent years, the sport began to develop dynamically and popular.This resulted in the rapid growth of the followers.Now, many are wondering how to learn parkour.This will require, at a minimum, a good physical condition, and if it does not, then you need to be patient.The most important thing - a partner, preferably one that is already engaged in parkour, respectively, know what it is.If there is no opportunity to engage with a partner, the first time it is possible to train one.But we need to think about the future: how to study more complex elements in the future?There is no competition, communicating with other Parkurist, you can buy a lot of invaluable knowledge for training.

# 2

Parkour requires good physical preparation.There will have to try and learn a lot.To learn parkour in the so-called "home", you need to learn a few rul

es.First, do not need to hurry.This traumatic sport.That is why the need to deal with a partner.Secondly, for the study of parkour is quite suitable for the beginning of the playground behind the school.So do not need to climb the construction and garages.And the last.Alcohol - is the enemy.Under its influence, not only is not necessary to get behind the wheel.Under the influence of alcohol can just lose control.The result is that you can not be limited to just the injury.Well, what he brings irreparable harm to the health, as alcohol affects the muscles do not need to talk, because he simply burns them.On the Internet there are a lot of video lessons in which you can learn the elements of parkour.Along the way, improving physical fitness, as well as adhering to a couple of simple rules, you can achieve the desired results.

# 3

As in any sport, parkour skills to develop the main and probably the decisive factor is the desire.There is no Parkurist, which would have turned out all right.Some are more prone to this sport, while others - not.But it all starts with one, namely zero.It is necessary to prepare for the scrapes and scratches stock elastic bandages, and most importantly, do not give up.But if there is a goal, then it must achieve.Parkour devoting part of their time and a piece of the soul, can become not only stronger and more agile, but also buy a lot of useful: to find a new company, to meet people.Any sport - it is something more than just a hobby.In it you need to find yourself.Difficulties are waiting around every corner, but that's no reason to give up.