You do not know how to connect the unlimited internet ?Here's how to connect the cheapest unlimited internet on " Megafon " !

You do not know how to connect the unlimited internet ?Here
You will need:
  • SIM-card "Megaphone"
  • smartphone, laptop or tablet
  • Internet
# 1

In modern times the Internet is already more necessities thancommon source of information, it can be used to earn and acquire various items and products, book accommodation and other.Therefore, the question as to "megaphone" to connect unlimited Internet, is particularly relevant, as "Megaphone" - one of the most trusted service providers in the Russian Federation.Most people who do not know how to connect unlimited Internet on the "Megaphone" - middle-aged and older, because their variety of tariffs provided by "Megaphone" can stump.But this does not mean that people can not use the Internet, you need only to help determine the most suitable tariff plan.

# 2

Unlimited Internet, provided by "Megaphone" is of two kinds: on the unlimited volume of Internet traffic and unlimited speed.Consider, in order to know how to connect the NL on "Megaphone" and to choose the most appropriate, it is necessary each tar

iff.The first, most important step for the Internet connection - to determine in order to use the World Wide Web.Step the most important because the amount of data downloaded from the Internet directly reflected in the cost of the tariff plan: the more data at higher speeds and is downloaded, the more expensive it will be one or another tariff.For example, to communicate in a variety of social networks sufficient to connect to the very cheap rate because the data is downloaded very little speed large social networks and instant messengers program (that is, those that provide the communication, for example, ICQ) do not require.

# 3

If the Internet is essential for the regular download and watch movies online cinema, online gaming, there is already tariff should be unlimited and with great speed.In order to avoid calling for service, learning how to connect unlimited Internet to "MegaFon", it is necessary to examine all proposed tariffs for connection.The choice of tariff plan is usually determined by the monthly amount and the characteristics of the services provided.For reference: the minimum data speed of downloading from the Internet, which allows to watch videos in HD-quality - 256 Kbit / s.At this speed, the video will be loaded on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop without any delay, and to download a small file and will not be difficult.For social networking, and enough speed to 64 kbit / s.

# 4

The cheapest and most popular option for mobile phone, which is connected with the issues of how to connect unlimited Internet "Megaphone" will not arise - Internet XS.This option is connectable to the basic tariff plan is ideal for simple tasks such as viewing mail, social networking, reading the news and search for the information you need on the Internet (for example, in "Wikipedia").This option on the day (00:00:00 23:59:59 here in the future) and 115 megabytes of traffic without speed limits;when the volume of the selected data download rate drops to 64 kbit / s, which is just enough to communicate in ICQ, WhatsApp or other messengers.The cost of this plug-in options - 165 rubles in the first month, and the next - 5.5 rubles a day.

# 5

next option already is suitable not only for use on a mobile phone, but also on the tablet - Internet S. This option is connectable to the base rate allows you to make the Internet all the same steps as above mentioned option, butand listen to music online and download a small short films, or else watch them online cinemas.Option provides 5 GB monthly internet traffic without speed limits.When the exhaustion regime is necessary to use the "Prolong speed" allows you to use the additional traffic for an extra charge (115 MB - 15 rubles, 1 GB - 150 rubles, 5 GB - 250 rubles).The monthly cost of options - 239 rubles.Tariff «Internet M» option, "Internet L», «Internet XL» fit longer for use on tablets and desktop computers with laptops, differ only at the price and volume provided by Internet traffic.

# 6

«Internet M» offers 30 GB per month at the price of 399 rubles, "Internet L» - 50 GB at the price of 599 rubles per month, "Internet XL» - unlimited internet at a price 799 rubles per month.Connection of a particular tariff option can be accomplished in several ways, each of which is available to any person.First, the most familiar - connection to "Megaphone" office where when buying SIM-card, you can choose any of the favorite options for connecting with the help of a consultant.When buying a SIM-card, you must have a valid passport.

# 7

Connect unlimited Internet on the official site of "Megaphone".To connect a particular tariff option, go to the section "Internet", select "Options", then click on the link to the online option you like and then enter your mobile phone number in the dialog box.You can also download the official app of "Megaphone" on Google Play and the iStore, where you can also connect unlimited Internet.To download the application, you can use any network free Wi-Fi.Also connect unlimited Internet on your phone, you can use SMS by texting 1 to the appropriate number: 05009121 - "Internet XS», 05009122 - "Internet S», 05009123 - "Internet M», 05009124 - "Internet L», 05009125 - "Internet XL ».For listed sms money from the personal account is not charged.