Luminous Headphones: Headphones smart , glowing in time with your heartbeat

Luminous Headphones: Headphones smart , glowing in time with your heartbeat
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# 1

choosing a headset, people focused on the cost of equipment, its characteristicsand the quality of work.Headphones, glowing in time to the heart - a technique well-proven in the market of modern technologies.Headphones that glow in the heartbeat cycle is synchronized with the phone, and in the future are highlighted in different colors.In that case, if the illumination effect is annoying person, it can be easily turned off by pressing a special button.Headphones are compact and do not take up much space, they do not go awry and work really long time, in fact for their production of the latest and modern technologies have been used.Inside the earphone is placed a small sensor, called a pulse oximeter, which measures the human heart, that allows you to organize highlighting the beat.Clip-controller on this technique not only allows you to control the sound quality, but also the work of the phone its


# 2

world's first luminous headphones are so popular that tens of thousands of models have been sold out for the first year of sales.Since the tastes of each customer is different, the manufacturer took care of multiple design options.For example, one can buy luminous headphones that light blue or green or red.Technical characteristics of such models are absolutely identical, and therefore, choosing a favorite color of the backlight, a person does not diminish their own requests to purchase.If the backlight is off, the headphones have a very sleek, black.A small clip-size controller ensures ease of use even headphones with active motion.In America this technique is in demand among runners who like to listen to music while jogging.Since the headphones are very popular, the manufacturer introduced another innovation - highlighting the music.

# 3

now glowing headphones stars and athletes are selected with great pleasure, because to have such a technique is not only fashionable, but also very convenient.Small pads do not fall out of the ear, even during active movement, the sound comes out at the same time very powerful.The headphones have several modes of operation, they can easily transfer all the nuances of even the quietest songs.Another advantage of this technique - it's ease of use.In the clip, the controller has only 4 buttons with which you can switch songs, add or diminish sound.Deal with the controller will be able to even a child, and the headphones themselves do not require any configuration.They begin to work immediately as soon as they connect to the phone.Now headphones are suitable only for Android-devices, but are being developed by their connection and IOS system.Intense lighting will operate without interruption up to six hours, successfully measuring out the pulse of a man!

# 4

Since the production technology used sophisticated modern technologies, the cost of the headphones is hardly available.The average price of 100-130 dollars market.Of course, there are more cost counterparts, but their quality leaves much to be desired.Headphones with backlight function without any problems for many years, not snarling and do not fail.After the charge for illumination ends, a person must connect headphones to your computer using the USB cable.Hour charge is enough to make even the headphones worked 6-7 hours.This technique is likely to appeal not only to fans of modern technology, but also to fans of high-quality headphones, fully conveys the atmosphere of each composition.Despite the bright lighting, with its main function, the technique copes perfectly!