You do not know how to delete music from your phone ?Here are instructions on how to "iPhone" to delete the unnecessary music!

You do not know how to delete music from your phone ?Here are instructions on how to
You will need:
  • iPhone
  • iTunes, cable USB
# 1

Well-known is the fact that the total isolation of the iOS system from other operating mobile systems is both a plus andminus the Apple devices.So, many of the Silicon Valley company's products users do not know how to remove the iPhone music, while at the gadgets running on Android, this is done in two clicks.Knowledge of the principles of ties throughout the operating system iOS and devices running on it, under iTunes is the foundation needed to know how to remove songs from the iPhone.This can be done in several ways: a single removal, the removal of landscape, performing or complete.

# 2

Before you delete songs from iPhone, be sure to make sure that the standard utility that is pre-installed on all Apple gadgets, iTunes Match, is turned off.If iTunes Match is enabled, then remove songs from your iPhone will not be possible, since the principle of utility lies precisely in the comparison of two music libraries: iPhone libraries and libr

ary account Apple ID.If your smartphone is not any song that is associated with your account, when you synchronize, it will be automatically downloaded to your device.To disable the program, one-touch finger switch must be set to «Off» value.

# 3

Next, you need to go directly to music library, which is opened by pressing the appropriate application preinstalled in the iPhone.Available switch «Show all music» is also necessary to transfer to the off position: this is done to show only downloaded music directly on the device itself and not on the account connected to the device.Potential problems with the removal of the program can also create «Home sharing», providing access via Wi-Fi module to your iTunes library, so to completely remove any songs to disable this utility is also recommended.

# 4

immediate removal kompozitsiiosuschestvlyaetsya music in a few clicks: opens the list of all the songs that are on your device, then you need to spend to remove the finger on the song and select «Delete».At the same time remove the songs from your iTunes library via your smartphone is not possible, therefore, for the complete removal of any songs from your account and your phone, you need to go to the desktop program, which remove the song and to synchronize with the iPhone.

# 5

To delete the entire album from the device, press the lower menu «Albums» tab, all of the device shown in the albums list, select the desired, hold on him as a finger, and then select the delete option.At the same time the owners of the iPhone 5 with a preinstalled version of iOS and have not been updated to iOS later version (currently version of iOS on smartphones Apple iPhone 5 - 9.1), deprived of such an opportunity is possible only by deleting the selection.Therefore, before you look for in a search engine the answer to the question, how to remove songs from the iPhone 5 smartphone owner must check the version of your operating system.

# 6

On the iPhone, you can delete and music library completely.To do this, go to the «General» tab, choose where the pop «Usage» item list.By clicking on this link will open a dialog list of currently running applications (the screen will also otobrazhatsyaobёm occupied by one or another application on your smartphone's internal memory).Choosing «Music» application should find on the screen the link «Edit», by pressing on which will open a new dialog box.Pressing the red button that appears with a minus next to the application will remove completely the entire music library (re-download songs on your smartphone will be possible only through iTunes or the built-in bootloader to the browser).Similarly, deleted data from different applications (such as saved games and cache any application), so this method has won a certain popularity among the fans of radicalism.

# 7

As noted above, you can delete music from your computer or laptop pomoschyunastolnogo and programs from Apple iTunes.The first action, as in the earlier described methods, is to disable the iTunes Match program.In addition to this on a smartphone you want to disable the iCloud (the program in general has recently abominable reputation in connection with the mass hacker attacks delivered on the accounts of stars of cinema).To turn off iCloud, it is necessary in the application list, select an appropriate tool, and then in the menu that appears scroll down with your finger, where and select «Delete Account».Himself from the Apple account system is not removed, so there is a way out of the account.

# 8

paragraph iTunes & amp settings;App Store must go to the music settings and disable function «Automatic Downloads» to prevent the automatic download of media content via Wi-Fi or mobile internet.Open iTunes on your computer, you must also turn off iTunes Match (this point is in the Store tab to program the control panel).

# 9

Then you must connect iPhone to a computer via USB-cable, and then select the tick para «Sync Music».Noting «Entire music library» and applying the selected conditions, you must select the desired music to reset the phone and delete.Optionally, start the synchronization process, which resulted in the smartphone will only be selected music.If any of the songs or albums are not marked, the phone they will be erased and will remain in iTunes for further usage.Many users report that sync with iTunes (for example, via Wi-Fi) comes only a plus devices and users, as it requires no permanent remove any songs in two places at once, we need only to monitor the amount of music on your phone.