How to quickly build muscle on the bar ?Where can I buy insurance for horizontal bar ?

How to quickly build muscle on the bar ?Where can I buy insurance for horizontal bar ?
You will need:
  • horizontal bar pull-ups
  • quality
  • complex
  • equipment
  • bars
# 1

How quickly pump up on the bar?In every yard or nearby, you can find bars and horizontal bars.Putting these athletics shells began in the courts since the days of the Soviet Union.All this was done in order to grow a healthy nation.To pump on the bar, need only a desire and do not stop at nothing.Create a graph nutrition.Eat regularly and need only healthy food.And on the very end of the training program make on the bar.The program should include one exercise for each muscle group, and exercise should be carried out with an interval of one day.

# 2

order to pump on the bar or bars, not require any abstruse knowledge.It is enough to know the basic exercises on the bar, not so much.But it is worth remembering that each exercise is pumping his muscle group.For example, if you want to pump up his back and wings, need to catch up with wide grip behind his head.If you want to pump up your biceps hand, it is qu

ite suitable pulling reverse grip, and when pulling a narrow grip triceps pumped hands.But we need to remember: to pull gave quick results, you need to catch up slowly and skillfully.

# 3

For effective results, you must first create a set of exercises.It is best not to overload yourself with one exercise per day, it will not bring benefits.Training is best done in the afternoon, in any case can not exercise in the morning or in the evening.In one day you need to do three or four exercises for each muscle group.We need a plan.Exercise for biceps (reverse grip) is made in three sets of 10-12 times.Exercise conventional grip (hands about shoulder width) - the same number of repetitions and approaches.And the same with the exercises for the back.

# 4

for proper muscle pumping, first of all, do not violate the basic rules.It - sports and good food, a full-fledged regular sleep and rest between workouts.We must see to it that the body is well restored his strength and does not drain a lot of stress.This is the first.Secondly, you need high-quality and technically to do the exercises.Exercises on the bar quickly, or with the help of inertia are not made.Tightens need to slowly and skillfully, but this muscle pump will be more useful.It should be slowly tightened up and just slowly descend.It will be more difficult, but it will be more useful, but the result will be visible after a few weeks of training.

# 5

Bleeding pectoral muscles - is best suited exercises on uneven bars wide grip.They need to perform slowly.Do no more than 4 sets of 10-12 reps.But in the case of bars, but there is only a horizontal bar, it can also be good to pump breast.First you need to make an exit and slowly, bending your elbows down.Then straighten your arms and slowly lowered again.To fall, preferably before the breast, as at this point is the optimum load on the muscles of the chest and can be without too much labor to stay on the horizontal bar.Also, you can pump up the pectoral muscles and at home.This will require regular floor push-ups wide grip.