How to learn to turn the hoop ?

How to learn to turn the hoop ?
You will need:
  • Hulahup
  • Free
  • Willpower
  • desire to lose weight
# 1

Regular exercise with a hoop to make the waist slim, and will remove the fat from the sides, you need onlyhave willpower.Hoops (or hulahup) are different.Lightweight plastic, metal, heavy with sand, with pimples, belts and balls - just do not count.However, many of the girls, though twisted hoop as a child, disappointed in him, not reaching the result.This happens for various reasons.Someone picked the wrong trainer who has forgotten how to deal with it, someone just does not know how to learn to turn the hoop properly.

# 2

First you need to choose the optimal weight of the hoop, do not immediately grab for heavy and massage with pimples or suckers.Starting with the best light hoops and they learn to properly work the muscles, hold hoop "on the fly" for a long time, make mahi different amplitude and speed.Massage, weighted hoops better to buy after the use of conventional was too simple - without adequate training a

nd physical preparation of the weighted hulahupov bruises may remain to be hurt badly and for a long time to go.If the bruise is still there, in any case can not throw your workout.When choosing a collapsible hoop need to look closely at the seams - they must be free of nicks, black, or they may seriously injure you.

# 3

How to remove the stomach, twisting the hoop?To be effective, training should be followed simple rules: to turn hulahup least half an hour a day, it is desirable to exercise on an empty stomach and not eat anything half an hour after it, before exercise, it is desirable to pay a couple of minutes breathing exercises.Great effect to help achieve regular exercise, press and moderation in eating.

# 4

Leaving the cottage with children or friends, do not stop exercising.But what if you carry a lot of things there is no way how to wrap your hands?You will need: hair dryers, clippers, a pipe suitable for the diameter of the pipe adapter, electrical tape.The ideal size is determined simply hulahupa - pipe makes a loop from the navel to the shoulder and cut.The ends of the hose you need to connect an adapter.To make it easier to connect them can be melted by hot air from a hair dryer or any other heating device.The junction is best to fix with duct tape or electrical tape.Then - to decorate the colored tape as your heart pleases.

# 5

Not many girls know how to twirl the hoop, and make mistakes that reduce the effectiveness of achieving the result: torsional need to keep your feet together strongly, and hands - divorced in hand or head.The move, twisting hulahup need to smoothly and rhythmically, gently, so as not to hurt your back and spine.It is necessary to try to maintain a small amplitude of rotation and moving only the waist, in any case, not the hips.If you follow these simple rules, it is possible for two or three weeks to achieve a visible reduction of the waist and enhance the press.