How to choose a hoop effect of massage ?

How to choose a hoop effect of massage ?
You will need:
  • little free time
  • himself hoop
  • desire to get a good figure
# 1

Wrap is the most unique item that can affect the delicate homea woman's body in the most positive way.But, before you buy should be very seriously think about what exactly it will be used.Many women buy the first thing that comes to hand, so to speak indiscriminately.They can understand them who does not give advice on how to choose a hoop.There are several types of hoops, which are used in a variety of situations.They have a variety of purposes.

# 2

Naturally, the first thing that makes any girl, it runs revise discs or video cassettes with recording sessions on how to clean the sides of the hoop.But then again, it uses a completely standard hoop.These hoops can be found in any sports clubs and schools.This plastic and aluminum versions.In general, they do not bring added value.But at the very beginning of training still need to start with them.They are light weight that allows you to master the basics w

ith ease.

# 3

This type of wrap is useful for those who do not know how to turn the hoop on the thighs.Since it does not turn out to banish the fat, but the practice still faces a major exercise.Its main task is to develop agility, flexibility.The next step will be the weighted hoop.As a rule, it is all the same aluminum base, but it is covered with a rubberized coating.Most of these hoops have a spherical insert.This type of wrap allows more efficiently burn calories, as the body is spending more and more on the movement of energy.

# 4

After the girls learn about the existence of such variations weighted hoops they immediately wonder how to weight the hoop.And then, as they say, the easiest solution would be the easiest.Weighting the most usual hoops, by filling in the sand or severe croup.Varying the weight of the hoop can vary between 0.5 and 2.5 kilograms - 3. The greater the weight, the more difficult to turn the hoop, and hence the end result will be achieved soon.

# 5

Many know perfectly well how to twist the hoop to lose weight but about what it is they need not even know.There are several types of hoops, two of which are described above.Very popular are massage hoops.They allow you to take the weight off the waist and at the same time to drive away a few extra kilos.These hoops are impressive weight, which is enough to stretch your lower back and pelvis.The upholstery of the hoop is made of soft materials, using all of the same areas.But unlike conventional massage hoop weighted by that the massage sphere smaller and closer together.