When a service is " Beep " is no longer needed : both the " Beeline " permanently disable the service " Beep " ?

When service
You will need:
  • mobile phone
  • operator assistance
  • Internet
  • free time
# 1

youth of today, and not only to once again emphasize its style, instead of boringbeeps on your mobile phone chooses a favorite melody, pleasant melodies or the most real domestic hits, international singers.However, there is a reverse situation, when the question of how to disable a service Beeline "Whistle", is especially important and requires an immediate solution.Since not all users know how to deactivate the service "Beep", Beeline offers its assistance, detailed instructions for all comers.First of all, we must clarify that this happens when the same type melody begins to annoy others, or money for such a service is a pity (not enough).Solve the problem in two ways: via the Internet and to your service technician.Both options work in practice, enabling the user to regain the classic sponge when dialing your phone number.

# 2

service that changes the familiar ring back tones to the melody, in the mobile

communication called "Hello" is a surcharge for use and requires basic skills when connected.The first impression is the most favorable, since the subscriber can excel, surprise and pleasure to please all callers.To connect to these mobile capabilities of Balayn, you must pay 50 rubles, which will automatically be deducted from the account.This financial costs do not end there, because being withdrawn daily for 2 rubles for the use of the service provided, that is, there is a subscription fee.Postpay is also present, and set the mobile operator at the rate of 60 rubles per month.It would seem, nothing substantial, but for the year is incident a tidy sum, which the subscriber prefers to save money spent on other needs.It becomes important to disable the service "Beep" on Beeline

# 3

If a user regularly uses a worldwide network, has access to the Internet, disable the above service may unassisted exclusively at home.This requires a login account, or register on the official website of Beeline, and after carefully study the menu with the list provided by the particular terminal services.In this on-screen list will be found and required the inscription "Hello", and so the user task - using the mouse to move the switch, thereby switching off the ring tone and ring back tones regaining classic in mobile phone handset.Perform these simple manipulations, you can absolutely free, but do not forget that the reconnection of remote services "Hello" again performed for a fee, and the cost is known - 50 rubles.

# 4

If internet access is not, and the question of how to disable the service "Beep" on the Beeline, still concerned, you can contact the operator of the mobile by typing in the phone number 0674090770. required to outline their connections afterproblem, ask to disable the services.The operator, after listening to user requests, in seconds be able to implement them, but be sure to warn that reconnection will again be paid.So it is worth considering, for 2 rubles a day - do not have such an exorbitant fee for their own individuality.Sometimes problems occur when the operator is not possible to get through;It is required to show a special perseverance, wait for the right answer and then safely use professional help in the final decision.

# 5

There is another option to disable the service "Hello" on the Beeline, but this requires an inquiry into easily remembered number * 110 #.The proposed on-screen menu, select the category "Hooters", and then act in accordance with graphic prompts.The entire procedure takes less than a minute, and is free of charge.Disabling the service promised within days, but more often it happens immediately - after a few minutes after sending a request.If communication problems predominate, and the request to the specified number does not send, you can call on a simple number 0770. Again will be given professional help, which will relieve the subscriber from intrusive and expensive melodies.This mobile operator has created all the conditions to the wishes of users carried out immediately, so that the hitches with disabling services "Hi" appear, no one should.

# 6

Beeline provides change monthly fee depending on the selected song.This lack of service as a result of self-expression of his identity may also "fly into a lot of money."For example, the Music category of "Top 10" or "Greatest Hits" on postpay can cost the user 30 - 70 rubles a month, while the "Hit of the day" will cost 2 rubles per day.But "jokes and tricks," "What's New" stand in the month from 35 to 95 rubles, and more information can be individually check with your carrier or to find an answer to the burning question in your account.It remains only to recall that the rejection of its services with a further resumption require re-payment, and previously made advance payment of 50 rubles is not tolerated and is not saved.This issue requires all think carefully, and then boldly make their choice.