How to choose a pair of boxing gloves for a teenager ?

How to choose a pair of boxing gloves for a teenager ?
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# 1

In modern life, often in athletes raises the question: How to choose the boxing gloves?What should I know?The fact that gloves are several types and sizes.Type, determined by the material from which they are made, may be a skin or a leather substitute.In general, these two criteria determine the quality and durability of boxing gloves.At first glance, the gloves may seem strong, but in the course of use will be in the trash can after a couple of days.High-quality gloves are an average of 3 500 rubles and above, depending on the brand of the manufacturer.The most famous manufacturers Everlast, TopTen, Adidas and others.

# 2

gloves made of artificial leather are known for their fragility and bring more frustration than pleasure.However, leather require special attention and treatment.You need to know how to wash leather gloves and how to dry them.Wash in warm water can be supplemented with, for instance, shampoo.We must not forget that the skin is

very sensitive material.It is known that when drying the skin shrinks, so it is advisable to fill some boxing gloves or material.

# 3

now known only 5 gloves sizes: 4.6, 8.0, 12 oz.Each size requires age division.For example: 4.6 ounces - for children aged 10-12 years;8.0 - for athletes performing in an amateur fight in the lightweight and middleweight title;12 - heavyweight athletes.But sometimes the size is selected according to the physiological structure of the individual.Therefore, the general council of how to determine the size of the male no glove.This is a unique feature of the athlete.

# 4

With proper selection of gloves should be remembered for what they do: beat boxing bag or strike the actual opponent.should choose heavy gloves to hone skills on pear.With their help speed bumps will rise significantly.For Sparing use gloves comfortable, individually chosen by the hand of the athlete.Thus, there is the ease and speed in combat.

# 5

After training store leather gloves do not have in your bag or a plastic bag, and in the expanded form in a dry place without getting warm sunlight.