Do you want to disable the service in " MegaFon " ?How to deactivate the service "Live balance " to " MegaFon " ?

Do you want to disable the service on
You will need:
  • mobile phone
  • Megaphone
  • Internet
  • operator assistance
# 1

are several mobile operators, but the majority of the Russian people choose only reliable communication from Megafon.If the new and regular customers suddenly there was a problem, as a megaphone to deactivate the service "Live balance" its decision without delay and does not cause much difficulty.Before you turn off the service in MegaFon "Live balance", it is important to understand in detail exactly what opportunities they provide, how much expensive for the financial budget is, and how to turn them off to save your own balance.Most often such a need arises in situations when the first mobile operator offers users new features absolutely free, and at the expiration of the promotional period sets a mandatory monthly fee for using the service, which can not afford this or that party.the actual problem, it's time to find a solution.

# 2

Since deactivate the service "Live balance" on the megaphone quickly?For a

start it is important to note that some users are offered the opportunity to particularly relevant, since does not need to constantly check the personal account and the account balance is displayed on your mobile phone in real time.Simply turn on the backlight on your mobile, and you can see how much money is left on your personal account, as soon as the need to replenish the reserve, so as not to be left without essential mobile communications today.The first two weeks of service is provided free of charge, as an eloquent demonstration of the possibilities of MegaFon, but then withdrawn monthly fee, which amounts to 30 rubles a month.These additional costs are not all satisfied customers, so some how tend to give as soon as possible from the "Live balance".

# 3

If the time on a hike to a service center is not enough, you can take the help of internet.To do this, you need to register on the official site of "Megaphone", and then visit the private office.Login traditional - you need to enter the password, and then you can get easy access to personal data.After that, you want to carefully consider the connected services, and found in the phrase list "Live balance".Deactivate the service is easy, simply change the position of the pointer.The service is turned off for free, and the operator specifies a period of one day.In reality, everything is much faster and "Live balance" is no longer displayed on the screen within a few minutes after a request for disconnection.Do these manipulations can be alone, but only if the user has access to a personal account on the official site of Megafon.

# 4

There is another valid way to disable the service "Live balance".Megaphone recommends that you contact one of the service centers of the selected mobile operator.If you currently need to have a passport and mobile phone, and a qualified person carry out the wish of every client within minutes.It is very convenient because it does not need to do anything on their own;just trust the busy professionals.This is a great option for those users Megafon, who do not consider themselves advanced users on the network, and the phone is used exclusively for calls to relatives and close friends.As a rule, service centers are available in every city of the Russian Federation, and in multiple quantities for greater convenience and accessibility of Megafon users.It remains only to find a service in your area.

# 5

How to deactivate the service on MegaFon "Live balance" even without visiting service centers due to increased employment?To achieve the desired result you want to enter on your mobile phone the following sequence of numbers: * 134 # and send a request using the "Call" button.In the resulting "2" screen menu key must be selected, and these services will be immediately deactivated immediately, and completely free of charge for each user.Nothing complicated, problems with disconnecting the "Live balance" yet no one did not arise.The described method is the most common and popular in the network Megafon, the more specified sequence of numbers can always be found on the official website of the Russian operator.There are proposed, and other variations are available, allowing finally get rid of the "Live balance" on the screen of your mobile phone, do not overpay for the provision of this service.

# 6

To solve the problem, not necessarily to spend time visiting the service center, as the mobile operator can always call.To do this on the phone, dial a simple number 0500 and the call, and then be sure to wait for the connection to a competent counselor.After explaining the situation, within a minute, you can refuse to provide paid services to "Live balance", but you have to additionally provide their passport details to process information.In general, see the balance of funds on the screen of a mobile phone - it's very convenient and practical, but most Megafon users refuse to provide paid services, especially to check the personal account is not difficult yourself.