How to determine the size of men's gloves ?

How to determine the size of men
You will need:
  • own hand
  • Roulette
# 1

How to determine the size of men's gloves -Usually determined by means of roulette.Determine the size of the gloves so that the tape wraps his hand in Kazankov area without the thumb, and most importantly, the size should be made on the dominant hand.Women's glove size: Capacity (about) 18 cm size (times) 6.5, about 19 times 7 cm, about 20 cm - 7.5 times, about 21 cm - 7.3 times / 4, about 22 cm 8 times the size of gloves Male: Volume (V) 22 cm size (times) 8, about 23 cm 8.5 times, about 24 times 9 cm, about 26 cm 9.5, about 27 cm-10.From these data it is possible to recognize the size of their gloves.

# 2

How to choose the right glove?In fact, the issue of interest to many people, but the answer is quite simple.Gloves should be chosen based on the fact what they are.If these gloves such workers, it is necessary to look at how they sit on the hand, if they have special areas for work, as well as their general condition.If you need to choose wint

er gloves, it is necessary first of all to see what in their fur if he oblazit not large if compared with gloves hand evenly distributed if the fur, and you should check them for strength.

# 3

How to store leather gloves?Leather gloves neohodimo kept dry before long-term storage without the need to cut out a stencil of the thumb, as well as to ensure that the gloves have not lost their luster protiret cloth soaked in castor oil.How to choose the boxing gloves?Boxing gloves are chosen exclusively from the company's preferences and the brand of gloves.Despite the fact that the boxing gloves, they should still be comfortable inside, obligat hand and be strong enough.Needless to buy gloves that have been discounted or defective, since because of this can proizayti nateranie hands, making it difficult to exercise.

# 4

How to wash leather gloves?Wash leather gloves is not easy, this is due to the fact that they can not be lowered into the water completely, Needless to wet gloves inside.When washing the gloves they need to lather than just soap and water carefully.Please soak a cotton ball or soft cloth, and then you need to lather out, but soap and toilet.Thereafter okuratno wash.If OMEP even so got inside perchyatok, then you need to pour it and okuratno poveshat to dry them.It is also strictly prohibited to squeeze, twist and gloves to preserve their appearance and functions.