Using Luminous Headphones: how to use smart glowing headphones ?

Using Luminous Headphones: how to use smart glowing headphones ?
You will need:
  • cvetyaschiesya headphones
  • phone, smart phone or other mobile device
  • instruction manual
# 1

Glowing headphones - is a fashionable novelty, rapidly gaining popularity among peoplewho are accustomed to being in the spotlight.Before you use the luminous headphones, you need to understand their features, as well as to learn their rules of operation.Guide to the luminous headphones will talk about how to apply this unusual gadget in everyday life, to always remain bright and fashionable.Youth headphones are connected to the mobile phone, tablets, smartphones and other devices, and glow in the dark room or at night street in different colors.Their glow is uniform or listening to the beat of the music, so that they look particularly catchy and unusual.Futuristic design of headphones will appeal to everyone who is not afraid to be the center of attention.Their pulsing soft light will become an integral part of the lifestyle of urban fashionistas and lovers of night walks.

# 2

Glowing headphones have a high quality sound and allow you to enjoy the most of your favorite music.They are based on the glowing cable and a soft translucent body, within which the LEDs are blue, green or red.A pleasant surprise will be that the elastic glowing wire headphones do not go awry between themselves and the person will not have to spend extra time on their unraveling.They do not break and do not crumple when bent, so they can be easily carried in a pocket or bag without fear of damage.Headphones with shimmering wires - a universal device that is connected to almost all smart phones, mobile phones, MP3 / MP4 players, laptops and tablets having a 3.5-mm jack.The sale can be seen glowing headphones several types: in the form of vacuum fillers, drops and inserts.All of them are equipped with control unit and built-in microphone.

# 3

Often people question arises: how to use the glowing headphones?Their operation is no big deal, because they have been specially designed for teenagers and young adults.Fashionable gadget is powered by a battery which should be regularly recharged.After buying the first thing you need to check the battery level and, if necessary, recharge it from a laptop or PC via USB-cable, which is sold complete with glowing headphones.Once connected, they flickered red light, which is extinguished after the device appears to be fully charged.Now you can safely proceed to its operation.The batteries will last for 6-8 hours of continuous light, and then need to re-charge the gadget.

# 4

Before using glowing headphones connected to a smartphone or drugomuustroystvu through which will have to listen to music, then select and turn on your favorite tune.When the song sounds, you need to press your finger on the button on the headset and hold it for three seconds.Following these simple actions they start to flicker with a soft neon lights to the beat of music.If you get tired of the continuous flashing of the gadget, it can be disabled by pressing the button for 3 seconds.After that, the headphones will stop blinking and light up a pleasant uniform light.If you need to use them as a headset, simply press the button when you call.If the music will not sound for 3 minutes, then automatically turn off the glowing wires.To reconnect, you will need to press the button again and hold it for 3 seconds.

# 5

dealt with how to use luminous headphones, you can be sure that imismozhet manage even a small child.However, an unusual shimmering design and ease of use - it is not the only advantages of this device.Headphones are made of environmentally friendly materials, and special strength gives them a unique metal alloy.They have a reliable sound insulation, allowing people to listen to music will not disturb others.Built-in microphone allows you to use headphones, not only as a device for listening to audio, but also in the form of a headset.They are compatible with all modern devices, so there is no need to pick them up at any particular model.

# 6

Modern glowing headphones have excellent quality and will serve its owner for a long time, filling it with the life of your favorite music and bright lights.After reading the instructions, you can understand how to make the headphones glow to the beat of the music, and attracted the attention of others to its owner.They can be a wonderful gift for people with creative thinking, which tend to stand out from the crowd of non-standard approach to the formation of his own image.Glowing gadget conquered the world with its unusual design and high quality, becoming a faithful companion of those who can not live a day without music.