How to sit down for a short time on the string ?

How to sit down for a short time on the string ?
You will need:
  • willpower
  • daily classes
  • sports equipment
  • sportswear and footwear
# 1

most important in the issue of the formation of the splits - a willingness toend and do not stop halfway.The only way to achieve the desired result.No wonder the list of things that will be needed, this point is in the first place.It will power - this is what can propel a person to the incredible result, and for that it needs the support of awareness and choice.Write fluctuations it is very simple.The most important of its enemy there laziness and lack of confidence in achieving this goal.They definitely stand in the way, and will interfere with perfection.And this should not be allowed.It is better to abandon such complicated undertakings as leg extensions and the formation of the splits.

# 2

In order to make this process go faster and more efficiently it is necessary to do jogging and exercises every day.The emphasis placed on exercise that influence stretching legs: easy, difficult - all effor

ts to ensure that the body of work on the maximum flexibility of the lower extremities.It should be squats, body weight transfer from one foot to another, lifting the feet to the extended hands and other similar practices.Runs should be implemented by means of high-lift and zakidyvaniya legs back - so make the most warm up the muscles along the entire length of the limbs.You can also do this exercise with your feet: to find the elevation of 40-50 cm, and to take steps to it and back.And other similar activities, which promote muscle flexibility.

# 3

next step should be a regular exercise aimed at a resolution of twine.This should be paid at the time of an hour in the morning and evening.What exercises do that fast to sit down on the string?All of which are aimed at the legs.But there is a special, specifically contribute to stretching.Mahaney feet.Make it should be as follows: body weight is transferred to the supporting leg, which is standing safely on the ground or floor, and the free leg is necessary to swing pendulum back and forth.At the same time raise it as high as possible, as soon as possible.After a few minutes to repeat the same with the other leg.

# 4

Exercise dancers.This position is familiar to probably everyone.When a dancer puts one foot on the bar, and the second based on the floor, and make tilts back and forth.This is a very effective action, it is no wonder all ballerinas are free to pose the twine.Unless there is an opportunity to engage in a hall with a bar, you can replace it with improvised means: the table, the back of a chair or armchair - any convenient elevation.Stretching the legs while sitting.It is necessary to sit on the floor, put your feet heel to heel and spread them as widely as possible.Hands take up socks, keep your back straight.And so, try to lean forward to the toes.

# 5

Stretching legs lying on the floor.It should lie on the floor and do the following: at the same time use the opposite arm and leg.That is, the right leg is raised as much as possible up to the head, and pulls her left arm.In this case, the left foot and the right hand lie on the floor in the rest position.In the process you need to change the part of the body involved.This exercise is also very effective in order to create maximum stretching and will soon do the splits.It is also well to retain the leg muscles toned lotus posture.To do this, you need some time to spend in this position just as if in meditation.And while trying to throw a foot taller to the pelvis.It promotes good calf, thigh muscle and will contribute to stretching.

# 6

All of these exercises are very good influence on the dates for the twine muscles.The body will soon be reconstructed, it will receive the necessary flexibility and plasticity.After a week of intensive training will be trying to get back on the twine.Most likely, that still will not work and will have to continue to exercise, but after two or three weeks should already have the first results.And his feet for such a period is already required to stand in the position that the strength is not very much and a lot of people.So, when the answer to the question of how to do the splits in a short time is found, you can confidently say to all of this, be proud of yourself, and achieved important results.