As to the " MegaFon " to get in touch with an operator when you need to contact the provider directly

How on
You will need:
  • communicate with the operator by phone
  • methods of communication on the Internet
  • communication with the operator for landline
  • communication with the operator in roaming
  • communicate with the operator by sms
  • communication withvoicemail
# 1

Now customers "Megaphone" are several million people in Russia and abroad, making this the most popular mobile operator in the country.Of course, the question of how to "Megafon" operator contact occurs at least once in each client, and should be here to remember all the ways of communication.Contact the operator to "MegaFon" - a question the answer to which depends on the client's needs.Contact the operator can be on the internet, abroad, through sms and phone calls.The easiest way - to dial the number 0500. After dialing turns on the answering machine, and a person will need to first dial 1, then 0. This method of communication will always be free, and to communicate with the operator on the contentious issue is possible even at z

ero or negative balance.This is done to ensure that the company's customers have always been in touch with her by asking questions.

# 2

In the age of modern technology people find it easier to contact the operator via the internet than over the phone.Realizing this, the company "Megaphone" has made it possible to communicate with the client on the network.To communicate with the Internet company's employees need to go to the official website of the operator, which can be easily found on the Internet.The site is available in the upper right corner of the window "Help customers."Opening it, the man falls into the "online customer advice" section.Where you can ask any question on the subject, to learn all about the new tariff plans.As well as phone calls, online chat with a consultant is fixed and checked.That is why to write something to the operator should be exclusively on the topic, carefully thinking through the issue before contacting the site of "Megaphone".Contact the operator thus can be from anywhere in the world, which is very convenient for avid travelers.

# 3

If a client company "Megaphone" phone at hand was not, or is for some reason does not work, you can contact the operator and fixed devices.To do this, you need to dial the number 8800550 05 00. This number operates on the whole territory of Russia, is free.Usually, a connection to the operator is automatic, but sometimes you have to dial some numbers to illustrate your question.This single room is suitable for both private and corporate clients.If corporate customers need to contact the mobile operator on a cell phone, you need a combination of numbers to dial 0555. Typically, at the other end sits a highly qualified specialist, who readily answer all questions.Also, the operator will switch to the new tariff plan or to connect any service of interest to the client.

# 4

Contact operators "Megaphone" can and while roaming, that is, outside of the Russian Federation.If a person went outside the country, the company continues to provide his services, but the former non-communication is no longer relevant.To call the operator was free, you need to dial: +7 926 111 05 00. Dial number should be exactly the way with seven, in the international format, but otherwise, the call will not work.Further, the system is the same as when you call a standard room 0500: the person listens to the answering machine, and then proceeds to communicate with employees.Corporate clients have favorable terms, and contact the mobile operator may by the standard number 0555. After the command set of the call will be reset, and after the employee "Megaphone" he calls back to the client.Of course, you can contact the operator and through the Internet.To do this, go to the official site of "Megaphone" in section helping customers.

# 5

Communication with employees of the company "Megaphone" it is possible to establish and by sms.This service is very convenient for today's subscribers, who are used to write messages more often than communicate through calls.For communication with the operator must send a message to the number 0500. The message must contain a detailed description of the issue or problem.The problem will be described in detail, the easier it will be employees of the company to solve it.Sms, as well as a call to this number are free.Such communication with the operator much easier standard call, since the person does not have to listen to the answering machine.he immediately gets an answer to his question.Sms will be delivered even if a person has a zero balance in the phone.The average speed of answer to the message - 3-5 minutes, but sometimes delayed communication.For example, operators are much slower to respond to messages night.

# 6

person would have to listen to the list of services provided In connection with the "Megaphone" the company statement.The list usually consists of 5-6 positions, such as the change of tariff plan, disabling services, and so on.Only after listening to the message, people can connect to the operator.However, if the customer needs to solve a problem related to those issues that were announced in the automatic message, you can do without the help of a consultant.It is enough to follow the instructions of the answering machine by pressing certain buttons.Through communication with an answering machine, you can disable any service, change the tariff plan, connect roaming.Typically, a message is repeated in both Russian and English.Thus, the company "Megaphone" is trying to make contact with the operator convenient for each client.Methods of communication with the company "Megaphone" elementary simple, and now communicate with each operator will be able to.