How to pump back to the summer ?

How to pump back to the summer ?
You will need:
  • Gym
  • Simulators
  • Motivation
# 1

How to pump up the back, do not pump up and pump up - quite simply.He knows any boy.Alternate pull-ups and push-ups and a lot of swimming.After a month of training back significantly tightened.If it is possible - it is necessary to visit a sports club.It trainer will offer a special course of exercises.They usually include a variety of presses from a sitting or lying down.In short, nothing complicated.

# 2

If you want to know how to pump up the back - to broad shoulders, muscles relief - can not do without a coach.He adds exercises deltoid and trapezius muscle, some exercises with dumbbells, bench press barbell behind your head, and other strength training.It is important all the exercises for the back - at least the first few times to do under the supervision of a coach, otherwise there is a risk to disrupt or overworked or even earn back intervertebral hernia.There is no initiative in this important matter!

# 3

folds on the back near the sides and waist - this is quite ugly, though, and it can be seen only in the pool and on the beach.How to remove wrinkles from the back?Of course, exercise!First, it is desirable to go on a diet.Then add exercise.Lie on the floor - in the stomach.Hands along the body.On the inhale to lift your hands, feet, pull your shoulders and hips off the floor and stay in this position for a few seconds.Then - standing on all fours, to lean on his hands and knees, pull both his right arm and left leg.This is an effective exercise for the back should be repeated at least 10 times.

# 4

If the back is tired, always need to know how to pull back.Best suited classic exercise "boat" - lie on your stomach, take the hands to the feet behind and try to raise your legs as high as possible.You can also make rapids - lie on your back, pull your knees to your chest and several times to ride back on the mat, feeling warming up and straightens each vertebra.You can also do a set of exercises, proposed by well-known nutritionist Paul Bragg.

# 5

If you want to know how to remove the side to the back, it is wise to remember the classic hula-hoop.Half an hour rotation per day - and the sides is gone.You can combine with exercises previously proposed, how to remove wrinkles from the back and with dances.Better with belly dancing.It is also desirable massages and sessions in the gym.These sides are cleaned very difficult and you need to set yourself up for a long serious work.But you must know that the body is taken care of - always thank their owner good health and good mood!