Transfer the file via bluetooth - simple !How to upload a file via bluetooth to the "iPhone" ?

Transfer the file via bluetooth - simple !How to upload a file via bluetooth to
You will need:
  • iPhone any series
  • working channel of communication Bluetooth
# 1

One of the most popular in the Russian smartphone Federation - is a product of Apple, iPhone (according to the latest social. survey of more than 60% of the population have mobile phones, it has a Silicon valley company's technique).However, the total isolation of Apple devices running on multiple operating system iOs prevents users, some of them do not even know how to iPhone via bluetooth to transfer any files.Most people when the question how to transfer via bluetooth on the iPhone multimedia files (generalized name of the image file and audio-video format), it is believed that this is impossible.The reason is that the iPhone uses this communication channel exclusively for interfacing with any devices that will be managed by smartphone (for example, to establish a connection with the headset).

# 2

To be able to with the iPhone data to another device, you need to have installed in this smartphone Jailb

reak - a special "certificate" giving permission to modify the files in the system folders of the phone.Initially, the user only has access to the folders containing multimedia content exclusively, but not the system.Cydia, which is an alternative to the standard iPhone apps store - - In addition to the iPhone Jailbreak special program must be installed iStore.With this store, you can download a lot of games, applications, music and other data, with 85% of the content provided for free (in iStore share free content is 50%).

# 3

Installed applications and expand the iPhone to the store Cydia called "tweaks" that the English '' tweak the '' translates as '' pinch '' (an analogy, the user pulls out the application of the system).To transfer data via Bluetooth, you must go to Cydia application, where its opening in the search box enter the name of the application '' Airblue sharing '', of course, without the quotes.This tweak in Cydia store is chargeable, its price is 6.99 dollars;in the Cydia store, most likely, there is an older (but free) version of the same application, so with proper desire you can find it.

# 4

Though higher Airblue sharing application called, in fact, it probably is a kind of extension that adds the add-in
system menu of any file explorer (including standard) iPhone.This tweak allows you to send a file of any size, the maximum data transfer speed of up to two megabytes per second;in addition to the above, do not require a constant input pair and any supporting code, all you need - to choose a file, and then click on «Send this file: Bluetooth».

# 5

between technology Apple's possible to transfer files and installed without Jailbreak;
Instashare need to download the app, which is one of the most advanced file managers that exist on the iPhone.The application menu is quite simple and intuitive, even a novice just starting to get acquainted with Apple technology.Instashare program in its menu has a total of three additional tabs, pressing the first of which opens the received files, the second - an internal gallery of the iPhone, and the third - the internal application settings.By using this application at the first pairing of two Apple devices, you will need to enter the key code confirmation in the dialog window;it will make the trusted device in the future of this key input is not necessary.

# 6

If installed on the smartphone app various Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Mail. Ru Drive, Google Drive, and others), the file can be sent from there to the other device.In the same way, you can carry out the transfer of multimedia content between the iPhone and the iMac, iPad and iPod.With this application testing pleasantly surprised - the absence of any restrictions on the transfer of data, their size, etc., ie, any file transfer is possible, even in FullHD movie-quality.When you minimize the application does not stop the transmission, its speed is slightly less than the transmission rate of the previous application.

# 7

In addition to the ability to transfer files, Instashare can view a variety of multimedia files, so it can serve more and vkachestve additional alternative basic file manager.The Apple Store, there are free version of the app (with ads) and paid (ad-free), standing about 55 rubles.Less of this application lies in the inability to transfer files via Bluetooth on the device is not Apple.