As to the " MTS " to quickly send a request to call back : the service " Call Me Back " , " MTS "

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  • knowledge of special teams
  • information about the service
  • information about blocking services
  • information about the number of sent requests
  • terms of service
  • information about similar services company
# 1

"call me back" have each operator, and now many of its subscribers are, in fact is not always the person has the means to make a call.As to the "MTS" to send a request to call back - in fact, very easy question that can be solved with a single command.So, how to "MTS" to send a request to call back?To do this, you need to dial a simple command * 110 * phone number below, and #.The subscriber number can be typed in any format with 8 or 7.Usually the message with the request to call back to the subscriber comes in 1-3 minutes, but sometimes the delivery time is significantly increased.Longer delivery sms can be due to network congestion or disconnecting said telephone number.The message will be delivered only if the subscriber is online.Sometimes with this simple servi

ce there are many problems, and therefore clients have to turn to the operators "MTS" to explain the essence of the problem.

# 2

How to send a request to call back to the "MTS" - a question that you can easily find the answer on the Internet.It is not always the clients cellular companies know that the elementary typing * 110 * phone number #, you can send a message to absolutely any Russian number.This is not taken into account operator or person finding a place to which the request is sent.If the owner of the phone, which sent the request is abroad, sms delivery time may increase significantly.This service is relevant in those cases where the balance of the phone left in a minus, but the person can still receive incoming calls.Of course, please call not urgent abroad, where the account debited and funds for incoming and outgoing calls.In this case, with zero balance, the other party will be unable to reach the recipient sms.The service is absolutely free.

# 3

Sometimes subscriber receives several sms with the request to call back, and this greatly bored.If other people's requests to call back tired man, he can disable access to such services.This is done quite simply, on the phone, dial * 110 * 0 #.After this command is set, no one can send messages to a person requesting a call back.Services shut down or reverse connection of these sms is absolutely free.By the way, this service also connect easily with the command * 110 * 1 #.The great advantage of these commands is that he subscriber can send a request for making a call, sms and his like will not bother.Specify the detailed conditions of connection and disconnection of the service can contact the mobile operator.Disconnect and connect the appropriate service at any time of the day, because the system works without a hitch.

# 4

"Call me back", of course, considered to be very convenient, but it does not mean that it is abused.Thus, the operator set limit of 20 sms, which every customer can send from your phone.This means that only 20 posts asking about making a call, you can send per day.Subsequent attempts to establish a connection using data sms fail.Therefore, if a person wants to communicate with too many people, he should fill up your mobile phone account.Sometimes the phone gives an error and fewer shipments.Of course, the user can bypass these conditions by sending a sms with a request not make the call, and the so-called dial-up.Send a short dialing is possible even in the event that on account of a person only a few cents.Dialing and let a few rings, one hint that he had no money for a full commission of the call.

# 5

service provided absolutely all subscribers, and to connect it does not need to communicate with the mobile operator.Once a person sends a request to the subscriber, it will come with confirmation sms.In such a confirmation is prescribed, the man sent the message, and whether it has been delivered to a number.We have already mentioned that the message can be delivered only to those subscribers who are in the network coverage area.Also, do not send sms with similar requests on unknown numbers because their owners are unlikely to want to make a call.The man who had sent a request to call back can make a call only if he has money on the phone.If a subscriber in response comes a message asking you to call back, then his friend and there is no money in the account.

# 6

This service is to ask for making a call is very popular, but this does not mean that there are other ways to make a call at zero balance.For example, a person can send your friend a message asking you to fill up its balance sheet.To do this, you need to dial the phone by dialing * 116 * phone number #.Sometimes a person simply is not possible to top up your balance and to make an important call.In this situation, only the help of friends able to help out.After receiving sms with the request to recharge, a familiar user to help him get out of difficult situations.Also, "MTS" company offers the service promised payment.Man receives a small amount (usually 50 rubles), and can communicate more, making calls.However, this amount will eventually be charged to the phone after three to five days.To use this service you need to dial * 113 * the required amount #, and the user will be in touch again!