How to choose a hoop for weight loss ?

How to choose a hoop for weight loss ?
You will need:
  • desire to lose weight
  • Willpower
  • ribbons for decoration, tape
  • Fantasy
# 1

all from childhood known standard hoops - plastic or aluminum, solidor hollow inside.They are quite lightweight and smooth.Today you can find in stores weighted hoops magnets, massage hoops and hoops provided with a calorie counter.A large variety of proposed hoops sometimes leads to confusion.Let's try to understand the purpose of each species and to understand how to choose a hoop for weight loss, which is suitable for the purpose, which are scheduled.

# 2

First of all, you can recommend a diet weighted hoops.These hoops are of two types: flexible and rigid.Flexible wraps are easy to transport, as they can be folded up and taken with you, going on a trip, to visit, to rest or just to the beach.Weight of solid hoops for weight loss can be up to 2.5 kg.Weighted with the help of magnets, such hoops are ideal for women who want to lose weight quickly.The results of studies with a weighted hoop

effectively impact on the waist and hips.

# 3

to make their classes aesthetically appealing both for themselves and for others you can think of how to decorate the hoop.For these purposes, perfectly suited colored adhesive tape, self-adhesive decorative films.If light can wrap your own paint wrap markers or acrylic paint and fix the image transparent tape.In addition aesthetic effect such winding wrap also protects against scratches and deformation due to impact on the floor or ground.

# 4

In order to acquire a thin waist, get rid of plump tummy that will suit the massage hoop, having protrusions on the inside surface.Here's how to turn the massage hoop.To load falls on the waist, were studied the deep abdominal muscles, do not straddle while rotating massage hoop.Hands at the same time can be lifted to the side or to lay his head.Rotate the hoop should be rhythmically, in a clockwise direction with no sharp jumps to avoid bruising and damage to her back.We need to try to wrap rotation amplitude as small as possible.

# 5

Before starting the exercises, it is important to know the simple rules of how to engage with the hoop.First and foremost of which - to carry out the rotation hula-hoop is required on an empty stomach or at least 4 hours after a meal.To make it convenient to count the number of rotations of the hoop can be purchased with built-in counter.

# 6

But most women still prefer to initially engage with the usual metal hoop.It is quite heavy compared with a plastic, and at the same time does not leave marks on the body.How to turn the iron band knows every girl who has ever picked up a shell the gym.The metal hoop falling from the waist to the floor, usually very hurts the legs.Therefore, without sufficient experience, it is better to engage with plastic wrap.In any case, if you feel that the hoop starts to fall down from the waist - accelerate the movement, it will return the hoop in place.Successful and enjoyable workout!