Convenient service " Who called? "to " Tele2 " how to " Tele " independently activate the service " Who called? "

Easy service
You will need:
  • phone
  • Internet access
# 1

Not always a person has the ability to answer incoming calls and keep in touch, but the phone does not want to turn off,since in this case it is possible to miss an important call.Most subscribers are interested in as a "Tele 2" to activate the service "Who Called" and keep abreast of current events.Before you connect the "Who called" on "Body 2", do not need to calculate anything, so the service is absolutely free and the need, perhaps, everything.What is it?When the subscriber's phone is switched off, the person can not hear incoming calls.When connecting the "Who called" immediately after the machine is turned on it comes up short message, in which the operator reports to the public rooms there were challenges, in what quantity and at what time.If the number is in the phone book, he immediately determined, and the man did not have long to guess who wanted to talk to him.He can immediately contact his friends, if he wants it.

# 2

How to activate the service "Who called" on "Body 2" straight from your phone?Usually it is connected automatically and included in the tariff plan.Once a person becomes a subscriber of "Tele 2", he is given the opportunity to use this option.But sometimes there are certain faults and messages on the phone will not come.In this case, you can type the key combination ** 62 * 600 # and press the call button.Connecting automatically.Then, if no SMS subscriber does not come, but his friends and acquaintances assure that make calls, you need to go to the site, "Tele 2" and try to activate the service through the personal cabinet.Of course, should be pre-registered.This procedure is quite simple and does not require significant time costs.The personal account you can search the cause of the lack of SMS alerts.Maybe the caller somehow accidentally disconnected from the service, and then forgot about it.

# 3

Disable sms notifications by typing the key combination # 62 #.Then press the call button.Sometimes people specifically disable the service, because messages can come in not quite convenient.For example, in areas where communication is quite bad, the network may be lost, and after her appearance on the phone come alert callers list.If the inclusion of the device takes place at night, it is not very convenient.After the failure of the service subscriber can activate it again if he wants to.If a person can not understand all this on their own, he can always appeal to the "Tele 2" office.Experienced consultants will be happy to help connect the right service to solve any problem.The friendly attitude towards each client - is one of the company's policy.Turning to office, you can always count on the attention of the staff, the rapid implementation of all the necessary operations.

# 4

Experts advise customers often visit the department "Tele 2", or follow the news on the site.Periodically, the company offers customers new tariff plans, additional services, including free.To keep abreast of all events, it should carefully read the news from the "Tele-2."Sometimes a change of tariff helps to save the family budget.In this mobile operator and so very reasonable prices, but the management is constantly offering customers more favorable terms of cooperation.Sometimes the message does not come, even if the service "Who called" connected.For example, it is possible with the established forwarding to other mobile or landline phones.To solve this problem, you need to disable forwarding.Otherwise, be notified of incoming calls just will not work.It is not provided in any of the mobile operator.

# 5

Sometimes customers can not understand why some notice before they just do not get, though forwarding is turned off.The reason is quite simple.SMS messages for incoming calls can come only if the subscriber includes the phone for 24 hours after a missed call.Information about calls received are stored in the database within a day.Then she simply disappears and the person does not receive the news that he was calling someone.It is worth noting that the subscribers 'TV-2' have the opportunity to find out when the person to whom they are called, will again be in the coverage area.In this case also comes SMS-notification.This is possible only if the phone is switched on during the day after the receipt of an outgoing call on him.When during this period, everything remains unchanged, phone caller comes notification that his friend did not appear in the network, then you can dial it again.