How to build the middle of the chest ?

How to build the middle of the chest ?
You will need:
  • pectoral muscle
  • Basic exercises
  • post-workout recovery
# 1

pectoral muscle.Despite the fact that the chest muscles visually represent a single unit, training for breast pumping should be built in such a way as to stimulate the muscles from different angles.Namely, the pump is not only the average of the breast, which is the most powerful and hardy, but do not forget about the top and bottom of its parts.The main part of the chest of the athlete falls on the cell volume of the pectoralis major, which is attached in the middle of the sternum and the other end goes in the direction of the shoulder joint.

# 2

Basic exercises.Nobhodimosti condition for pumping the middle of the chest muscles is to comply with the principle of progressive overload and intensity of training.From time to time the projectile weight should increase, not be of the same.For safety reasons, training for breast pumping is preferably carried out under the supervision of an experienced partner or at

the gym partner.Do not be afraid to increase the weight of the projectile.Many famous athletes, for the first time touching the bar, surprised to find himself in the complete absence of heroic strength.But today, the strength of their pectoral muscles is so great that from the standpoint of ordinary people is something fantastic.The most effective exercises to pump the middle part of the chest are polyarticular exercises.Namely, various presses, lying on a flat bench, dumbbells and bench presses.At the initial stage of the training should be preferred rod instead of dumbbells, because beginners can cause injury due to the fact that we have to hold heavy weights in front of him over the head.Periodically bench presses can be combined with exercise, as the dilution of dumbbells lying on a flat bench.In this case, there is accented stimulation is the middle of the chest.In the initial position when the dumbbells are in front of you must be more firmly stretch the pectoral muscles.Number of sets and repetitions athlete determines for itself empirically.

# 3

post-workout recovery.Breast training is inextricably linked with increased consumption of energy reserves of the organism.Therefore, be sure to observe the basic rules of rest and recovery after a hard workout.For all of this should be kept to minimum exercise.No physical activity before the next workout.Also, the athlete must provide your body the influx of necessary nutrients by receiving a complete food, extra vitamins and minerals.Sample classic exhaustion describes in his book Iron Arnie, when, after the first training in his life, all the cutlery fell from his hand.Of course, to such a state to bring itself it is not necessary, but you must bear this in mind.Since overtraining does not take long.On training the athlete must come fully recover from micro traumas and ready to once again join the fight in the World Iron Games.