If you want to type text on the computer without a keyboard : non-standard ways to type text

If you want to type text on the computer without a keyboard : non-standard ways to type text
You will need:
  • desktop
  • Internet access
# 1

Sometimes it may happen that the keyboard on your computer is no longer function normally, to write a letter - a matter of life and deathand run headlong to shop for a new keyboard or service simply is not possible.That is why the question of how to type on a computer without a physical keyboard is quite relevant.

# 2

There are many ways how to type text on a computer without a physical keyboard, and all that it will require - standard Windows tools or access to the Internet.Typing with the virtual keyboard (it is a display of all the buttons specific to the physical, on-screen) may be required, for example, people with disabilities, which is why in Windows all versions there is such a useful tool.On some systems, besides, Russian layout of the physical keyboard just is not provided by the manufacturer, and at first before purchasing stickers Russian alphabet have to use a virtual keyboard.

# 3

Virtual Keyboard in the absence of an Int

ernet connection, you can start with a few clicks: you must go to "Start", then select "All Programs", which open the submenu "Standard applications", and then open the link "Accessibility"on which the opening in the window that appears, select the" on-screen keyboard. "The keyboard of this type is of two kinds: regular and extended.Advanced type of virtual keyboard includes numeric keys availability, whereas in the conventional type do not.

# 4

To change the language using the virtual keyboard, use the special pointer delay mode which sozdanspetsialno for cases where you need to press two keys at the same time.Language is also possible to switch (or will soon) with the mouse by clicking on the appropriate icon in the task bar at the bottom of the screen.

# 5

to insert any special character that is not on the virtual keyboard, you can use two ways to choose: the first one - is opening the corresponding program in the same tab "Standard", and the second - to select the desired character in theprogram Microsoft Word, where the tab "Insert", you can find the item "symbol" or "Formula".All actions are performed with the help of a physical mouse.A mouse, of course, do not need to touch desktop computers and tablets, but there is a principle and a set of focused on the use of the virtual keyboard.

# 6

Alternative Use standard typing application without a physical keyboard is to use the online service, offering the same services, it is located at the following address: www.translit.net / keyboard (it is recommended to add a site to the browser bookmarks that he was always on hand and it was possible to open with the mouse).This site has the same principle of typing as the standard on-screen keyboard, but has a number of advantages, of which alone is worth checking the text on literacy using spelling dictionaries and the ability to immediately search for the typed text in YouTube or known search giants (Google,Bing, Yandex, Yahoo).

# 7

By using this site you can also type some text in translit, translate with him (some abracadabra, accidentally typed in a different language), type the text in another alphabet, whose layout is not on the used office computerand use the method of typing "blind".It is also necessary to print text on a computer without a physical keyboard, you can, using a voice speech recognition online services.A special case here, of course, is a search service with the desired voice recognition feature from Google, but it has a limitation in the length of the request.Below is a list of services of converting spoken language into written that the most optimized and customized for convenient operation of their enormous diversity.

# 8

first service is located at the following address: www.speechpad.ru, is very populyarnymv the Russian Federation, Russian is able to convert speech to text, and also has very clear instructions for use on the site.The site is incredibly useful for those who do not have to manually type the text from the keyboard because it has properties such as: the possibility of simultaneous translation typed text into a foreign language, has the support of seven languages ​​(Russian, English, French, German, Ukrainian, Spanish and Italian), the ability to transcribe the video (eg YouTube) in the notebook, and it also has an extension for Google Chrome, which allows voice typing in the desired window to enter text (for example, to send a message Vkontakte voice will not be a difficult task).

# 9

The second service - www.dictation.io, which, surprisingly, did not yield as a Russian language recognition Speechpad, in some aspects, even better, despite the fact that is foreign.Supports the service thirty languages, is able to independently set different punctuation (though not always correctly), recognizing the tone of the speaker, also has a plug-in for Google Chrome.Objectively, for typing without a physical keyboard better suited two services voice typing than using a virtual keyboard as mouse-clicking on the letters will take a very long time.When you use data services in be sure to remember that you need to clearly pronounce all the words and phrases for their computer-recognition and subsequent translation into text.