How to remove the side from the back : a perfect solution

How to remove the side from the back : a perfect solution
You will need:
  • back
  • pumped back
  • Rod
  • push
# 1

During the rapidly evolving technologies, people forget about the activity, which is reflected not only on their healthbut in FIG.This applies not only to women, now it affects both men.The appearance of the sides on the back become more common.Do not worry that the sides appear easy, but get rid of them is difficult.It is necessary to make a little effort in the fight against sides.Diets in this struggle virtually useless.Only constant exercise can help to solve the question of how to remove the side from the back.

# 2

First we need comfortable clothing, it can be a tracksuit, or just comfortable shorts and a tank top.Next you will need a mat for aerobics, it will run all the exercises.One of the most effective exercise is such - you must be on all fours and do Mahi leg bent at the knee in hand, five times, then the left leg the same amount of time, first the right foot.Repeat for three sets.Next to do Mahi leg straight back, right o

n the first five times, then the left and repeat in three approaches.After trying all these exercises it becomes clear how quickly pump up the muscles of the back.

# 3

from active exercises without load for pumping and strengthen the back should go to the exercises for the back to the load.For this rod is perfect, it should be not too heavy, not too light, when the load must be felt exercises.It is necessary to put the barbell on the shoulders while holding both hands, put your feet shoulder width apart and stand up straight.Next make forward lean body so as to form an angle of ninety degrees and then allowed to return to its original position.Repeating five times in three sets.After trying exercise becomes clear how to pump up the back bar at home.

# 4

This is not the only exercise they are actually set.Next, another key exercise for the pump back to the pole at home.It is necessary to take all the same position and stand straight with a barbell on your shoulders, with your feet shoulder-width apart.By adopting the same position, it is necessary to squat while holding your back straight with a barbell on your shoulders.This exercise is called squats in statodinamike.It is unique in that it strengthens and back and also more muscles of the buttocks.

# 5

Push-ups - an exercise for the chest muscle groups, triceps, as well as for the whole of the middle part of the body.Dips is restorative exercises for the whole body.For push-ups need to take the emphasis lying down, put his hands on the shoulders, slightly wider than shoulder width.Further, bending hands down the body to the floor and climb back.If we add the weight to the back in the form of weighting, it will be more effective.It is important to know how to push-ups to pump back to accidentally injure.

# 6

Back muscles - the most developed muscles throughout the body.They are involved in all of our actions: when we walk, sit, doing different exercises.For the good work these muscles need to develop flexibility of the back muscles.The easiest exercise to do this exercise "kitty".It should be on all fours and bend back the stomach down to the floor and up.It is necessary to know the nuances that the back does not hurt, because not everyone knows how to develop flexibility back safely.

# 7

Development of flexibility of the back and pumped back muscles is of particular importance in keeping the body toned and healthy.Do not forget that you should not peretruzhdaetsya his back.Remember, back - the basis of healthy, beautiful figure and a beautiful posture.Correct posture eliminates the hunched shoulders, the spine will form a right bend.Healthy posture - is prevention of all diseases of the spine.