Who needs glowing headphones ?Advantages of glowing vacuum headphone Luminous Headphones

Who needs glowing headphones ?Advantages of glowing vacuum headphone Luminous Headphones
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# 1

Currently, high-quality wire "headphone plugs"It becomes almost an integral part of most young people, whatever they have planned a walk, music is always with them.And in this regard, relevant recently appeared on the market vacuum glowing headphones, which will be not only a fashion accessory for every man (and not only for the young), but also a source of high-quality and rich sound.

# 2

Company manufacturer a Luminous, glowing headphones which are now among the most sold in the online store, officially offered the choice of luminous green headphones and earphones glowing shade of red, and blue.Moreover, using the official application that can be downloaded from Google Play for Android and iStore for iPhone (and iPad and iPod), you can adjust the brightness of headphones glow and set the pulsing them to the beat of a specific rhythm: either predetermined or heart.Belo

w are five main reasons why from the variety of LED-headphones should choose the model it Luminous firm.

# 3

first reason - high headphone reliability, which is achieved due to the headphone materials production, as well as the device itself.Conventional headphone plugs are usually made of materials not harmless, which is why they are very easily damaged, abraded and oblazali over the entire surface, but Luminous made of materials that comply with the latest requirements and standards.Directly headphone housing (own ear and the control unit) is made of sturdy metal alloy that is very resistant to various scratches, falls and other types of mechanical action.Sami headphones (under additional glowing wire headphone) secreting copper wire, made of an insulating polymer that protects the headphones from moisture and other harmful substances.

# 4

second reason - the excellent sound quality of the headphones, the headphones are not inferior to the famous Sony, Pioneer and others, while only slightly behind Beatsaudio and Seinheiser.Chuvstvitelnostnaushnikov Luminous Headphones is 100 dB / mW, a standard connector - miniJack 3.5 mm cable length is 1.2 meters (length classic headphone), which is slightly longer than the same quality of luminous sound headphones for the iPhone, impedance - 16 ohms.The headphones have an excellent noise reduction, as well as built-in microphone in the control unit.Inserts in the headphones can be changed, with even special - glowing, they are covered with fluorescent paint (like some glowing wire headphone budget category).

# 5

Another reason, which plays in favor of Luminous when choosing headphones - the separation of the two wires glowing headphone molniiosuschestvlyaetsya, but not by a conventional fastening device, as in most modern models.This makes it easy to adjust the disengagement of wires required height, thus avoiding their entanglement in multiple nodes.

# 6

Another reason for buying Luminous Headphones - support for both Apple's devices and those running Android.Glowing headphones for iPhone, as mentioned just above, they differ only in the length of the wire, but the sound quality of both other headphones exactly the same.Using downloaded applications from the official store Google Play and the iStore, pulsation may customize the headphones, for example, to the beat of the heart beating or flapping hands, as well as brightness and avtopriёm incoming calls.

# 7

Finally, the last reason - this is a very fashionable accessory, which in the evening hours will be still and is especially useful for lyubiteleynochnyh jogging and cycling.As you know, run and ride a bike on the road must be against the traffic along the road cars (obviously, if there is no sidewalk), so extra glow headphones will allow motorists to overtake in advance people with such headphones.

# 8

recommended price of the official website of the provider is 3 900 rubles, but at the same time there are regularly held shares at lower prices, which will enable active monitoring to "catch" a nice price, even lower than the stated 30%.Delivery is carried out by the Post of Russia in Moscow and the region goods will be delivered within three days on the territory of Russia - for 14 days.On the goods and the warranty is valid if the corresponding coupon of three months.