How to raise the wheel on the bike ?Bicycling : raise the wheel

How to raise the wheel on the bike ?Bicycling : raise the wheel
You will need:
  • bike
  • key
  • screwdriver
# 1

When buying a bicycle all the parameters of the vehicle, including the height of the steering wheel, as a rule, regulated.And no one really does not think about how to raise the wheel on the bike, if suddenly need to do in the future.But after a while, it is not immediately, but after about 1-2 years back getting tired or there is some pain in his knees.It is clear that the need to raise the seat and steering wheel, because this is the only settings that you can adjust yourself.But if all the elementary saddle, with each new model bicycle seat adjustment becomes easier and easier, and there are no issues, how to raise the handlebars?And in general, can it be done?

# 2

Make it not so easy, at first you might think that this is a very long process, but all you can do on your own, without any help, especially if you do it in the road on the way to somewhere,there and ask for help especially not one.So, in order to raise the handlebar, you must

first see how it is fixed.It protrudes from the front wheel of the bicycle frame and is screwed thereto.And if something is screwed or attached, it can be unscrewed and put yourself comfortable elevator.To adjust the height, you need a key (octagon or hexagon) or screwdriver, and, of course, strong male hands.It is advisable to purchase a key or screwdriver in the same place where the bike to immediately know what the key fit to the bike.A screwdriver or wrench it is necessary to keep in his bike handbag, because without them, the wheel can not be raised or lowered.

# 3

determining the place in which the wheel is bolted, it is necessary to unscrew the screw or nut, or there may be a bolt, in general, the stitched steering wheel and frame.Next, slightly raise the wheel slightly while holding the bike.Raise the steering wheel to the desired height, it was convenient to sit, and, with one hand holding the steering wheel in the correct position the new, second hand twirl wheel back with a key or a screwdriver.Moreover, it is recommended to fasten not until the end of the steering wheel, then sit down for a bicycle, drive a little, realizing that the correct elevator.If you need to raise even higher the wheel, it is necessary to unscrew the wheel again and adjust the height.If the height is already optimal, then twirl the wheel to the end, that there are forces.When lifting the booster is necessary to pay attention to how to construct the brakes on the bike, because when you change the height settings wheel brakes can break the device.Thus, for the brakes (this applies handbrake) need to make sure that they are not stretched tightly, or, conversely, not hung lax.Raise the wheel on the bike seems to be not so difficult, but you may encounter some problems.

# 4

Today, many foreign manufacturers have taken care of the technical means to fully about the future owner of the bike, providing that velolyubitel will adjust the position of the steering wheel and seat for your height.But our manufacturers create a sufficiently large number of bikes, on which the steering wheel does not lift.And this does not do anything.The question whether it is possible to lift the wheel on the bike, you need to specify when buying a bike from the seller, otherwise you can to understand it.If the steering wheel is welded to the frame, then it does not say, with him not to do anything.And in this case, it can only be adjust the seat, and try to use it to somehow be more convenient to set up the bike for yourself.So always when buying a bike should consult with the seller and ask him as many questions to better know your bike.Thus, to raise the handlebars need to get on the bike was able to do that, then unscrew the wheel with a screwdriver or key, set the desired height and fasten the steering wheel in place.