How to remove the carriage from the bike ?

How to remove the carriage from the bike ?
You will need:
  • Set of keys
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
# 1

It should immediately be noted that when removing the bicycle carriage may have to apply a lot of effort, asconnecting rods, are likely to be, packed tight on the carriage.We must now consider in more detail how to remove the carriage from the bike.For starters need to unscrew the two pedals.The damper pedal, usually screwed onto the threads left, that is, it is twisted to the left and right unscrewed.So zamudreno it has done to riding a bicycle and pedaling forward scrolling are spinning towards tightening.The left pedal at the same time, the thread is fastened to the usual, because it is during normal thread otkruchivatsya she will not.Pedals are screwed, normally fifteen key.This should be in each set of keys.Once the pedals have been unscrewed, should start loosening rods.Each modern bike nut, screwed on the rod, a special cover is closed on the outside.This cover can easily be unscrewed any screwdriver.Next to unscrew the rods requ

ired to take a special key, called the head of the people, and by applying force to unscrew each rod.

# 2

After the left and right crank has been unscrewed, it is necessary to take a hammer and knock them off.This is required to do carefully, because a hammer - a heavy tool.Hammer hitting any part of the bike, it can be highly scratch or even break.If the rods have not filmed, then most likely they are well stuck, and to remove them you need to apply a lot of effort, that is, stronger connecting rods strike the hammer.From strong shocks rods can dent and scratch, so it is advisable to attach a wooden hammer tip.Wood soften the blow, in any case not pomnёt iron, but the force of the blow almost no decrease and remove the rod without spoiling, will be more likely.Some old-fashioned bike instead of the nuts connecting rods are mounted on wedges.Right and left a wedge is knocked out with a hammer a nail with a short instruction to the knock part.Generally, wedges - parts disposable, but if they beat very carefully, you can not mess up and use items again.Analyzing the bike, do not forget to put all the details in a safe place, that they are not lost.After all, they also have to be used during assembly.

# 3

next step is untwisting itself carriage.It is important to know that the bicycle carriage bolted on two sides of the same right fine thread.She unscrewed with a special key, which must be in a bicycle keyring.Perhaps loosening carriage will have to apply more force, as this place is located at the bottom of the bike, and at each visit during wet weather they will always besprinkle oneself with water and, most likely, will be from this rusted.After loosening the two large nuts need very carefully to get the shaft to the carriage, because of carriage bearings can take off and lose the small ball.Unfortunately, often what happens and when it is necessary to re-collect carriage, it gives big problems with fastening beads.So now everyone has read this article people a good idea of ​​how to remove the carriage from the bike.As you can see, it's simple enough, but might have to apply some effort for this.If you wish, make sure you will succeed!