How to determine the size of jeans ?

How to determine the size of jeans ?
You will need:
  • Centimeter
  • Denim sizes
  • Breed
  • Landing
# 1

Choose jeans that sit perfectly - it is a great success.Now it is difficult to make without knowing its size, as many companies have their own dimension table, significantly different from the conventional.So, to determine svoyrazmer jeans, first and foremost - vymeryat waist.The next step - to measure the inseam from the crotch to the ankle.These measurements and has the size specified by a fraction, eg 30/32.Also, some brands produce trousers with different length marks for the high and low.When looking denim pants is very important to pay attention to the fabric.One may be very stretched after the first socks, the other without having to stretch its composition, does not last at all.They can sit down after the first wash, and are usually taken into account by the manufacturer pre-shrinkage in fixing.Therefore, you can not buy form-fitting 100% kottonovye pants.The main thing - the feeling of comfort.When comfortable clothing,

nothing does not restrict movement, and you can sit without fear of losing the front button, you feel attractive and confident, as required by clothing.

# 2

A wide variety of dimensional tables of different brands and producing countries knock buyers confused.The most popular way to calculate the size of the United States was founded - the home of denim - inch sizes.To know how to determine the size of the jeans, you should compare them with the European ones.4.5 corresponds to the size XS or 32-34-th;6.7, 28 - S / 36-38-th;9.0, 31 - M / 40-42-th;2.3 34 - L / 44-46-th.Jeans sizes are usually given in inches.The first number - Waist circumference is designated by the letter W (waist), and the second - the length of the legs - L (leg length).Dimensions in inches to centimeters can be counted, taking into account that 1 inch is 2.4 cm or 1 inch is 0.9 cm (inch).It turns out that the size of 26 - is 66 cm waist circumference, 30 - 76 cm 31 - 8.5 cm, and so on.This calculation is suitable for both women and for men's models, but you should always take into account a few centimeters to shrink.

# 3

can reduce the time searching the desired things, knowing what types of jeans fit this or that figure, because of which there are several cut.Straight cut - a classic model with a smooth trouser leg - suitable for any complexion.But tapering or skinny good looking only at the shapely legs.Flared or extended from the knee goes to girls with type figure "pear" also is a good style for the magnificent forms.This model was originally made with the expectation of cowboy boots, galoshes therefore extended to the bottom.This cut is always popular as a classic, because well "sits" in the figure of any build.Wide flared from the hip - spacious and wide - are advised to wear skinny girls, or owners of narrow hips, which will give them more visually volumetric form.This model basically worn under the heel or a platform.

# 4

There is also the concept of "fit jeans", which is an important criterion when choosing jeans.In general, most brands popularize low - 3-5 inches below the navel - and middle landing.You can find a high, super high and super low (brazilckuyu), but such models are less common because of the extravagant appearance.Of course, owners of size 34 and above are not recommended to wear a low-slung, but the model with a high waist - just right.All of the above have different kinds of jeans pockets and top stitching on the back pockets.It is best not to overdo it with patch large pockets and large lines, if the figure on the contrary requires slimming lines and a minimum of volume.All these details are important when selecting the right things so that it looked good and combined with the rest of the wardrobe.One or the other breed, the presence and shape of the pockets, and of course, landing form the desired silhouette, only need to know what is suitable for the figure.