How to win a man - Aries : astrologer tips

How to win a man - Aries : astrologer tips
You will need:
  • Aries
  • Perseverance
  • Good mood
# 1

Aries fire sign, due to the excess energy, it is difficult to sit still.He is constantly in motion, and he needed something to do.Aries actively and enthusiastically take up any case interesting to him and tries to carry it through.But the truth is not always what he gets.Often a man is Aries, impulsive, not restrained, and tactless.

# 2

How to win the man-of Aries woman, if he has such a difficult character.She must be able to adapt to the Ram, be as vigorous, strong and never show weakness.One must be sincere with him, as Aries hate lies and cunning.Poor men are Aries rudeness and vulgarity on the part of women.To keep it, you have to be resourceful in their actions, actions, take the initiative in business and in life.Learn to hold it in a certain voltage, periodically changing the style of behavior of the weak and defenseless before the strong and domineering.

# 3

How to behave with Aries to keep him.Firstly you need to be u

nstable, do not provoke him by his behavior and talk to rudeness.Always speak the truth and sincerely.In intimate terms the initiative must come only from him, especially the first few meetings.It should surprise most of Aries, his behavior and actions.Sometimes a man Aries he tries to win your favorite girl.

# 4

As man Aries woman wins, he usually prefers to come to you like a woman and to offer friendship.His future fiancee should be beautiful, intelligent, but in moderation.He lives on the principle, saw, conquered.And thanks to its rugged temperament, it becomes very attractive to the opposite sex.He tries to spend as much time as possible with the woman he chose himself, constantly talking to her, to be close and to hold various surprises and gifts.Male Aries loves to show their status, to claim that he is a leader, what ever.Well, if he supports a woman in difficult times, it is likely he builds have serious plans.

# 5

Men will be interested in how to win a woman, Aries.Aries woman often has a fairly gentle nature, but at the same time it is able to powerfully and firmly reject a man if he told her something displeased.To win it, man must firmly and resolutely to seduce.At the same time he needs to behave really a gentleman.Serve garment, move up a chair in a cafe etc.Periodically her surprise, various surprises, show imagination and flexibility in dealing with it.Surprise her not only gifts, but also their behavior.Be proactive and assertive in his quest to win her.Since Aries-active women love men who know how to act aggressively, but at the same time gently.Periodically, say compliments, admire.Rudeness and pressure in the conquest of women is unacceptable Aries.It immediately becomes cold and inaccessible.